Top 7 Social Media Management Tools for Online Business Growth

Since COVID-19 emerged in December 2019, the corporate social media environment has been quickly changing. With more organizations implementing some form of remote working, it’s no wonder that Smart Insights found a 43 percent increase in the amount of time people spend on social media on a daily basis.

Given that more than half of the world’s population uses social media, businesses are focusing their efforts largely on social media tactics in order to get their products and services recognized.

Social Media Management Tools

With the addition of the unknown elements and the continuous drive towards continued relevance, firms must restrict their social media needs, determine jointly what is vital in order to maximize their social returns, and rely on the power of social media management tools. Social media marketers have a job to build the brand, promote blog articles, streamline workflows, and curate information to help their employees.

Here are the top 7 social media management tools for online business growth:

  1. Loomly

         According to Allen, who can do my python homework, Loomly is a social media management and content production platform. Loomly isn’t yet a fully integrated solution in comparison to other social suites. They sadly lack capabilities that larger organizations find important, such as listening and monitoring, due to their main concentration on content production.

To help social media managers with their curation approach, Loomly has a visual calendar and content recommendation function. They don’t have a social inbox right now, but they do have social monitoring and client management capabilities.

Although there isn’t an influencer search tool, we believe Loomly is a viable alternative for certain solopreneurs and small companies.

  1. Hootsuite

         Hootsuite, which has been operational since 2008, was the first social media marketing platform. Hootsuite is the most widely discussed social networking site, and it can be found on almost every listicle. They have a reputable reputation for material curation, organizing, scheduling, monitoring, and RSS integration.

Many teams, large and small, we believe, start with Hootsuite and subsequently grow to other platforms that better match their needs. But what we truly admire about Hootsuite is its sheer scale, marketing acumen, and educational Hootsuite Academy, which helps you study social media marketing and allows you to pay for certifications to equip you with the skills you need to succeed.

In addition to client administration, Hootsuite’s social media management tool provides for bulk scheduling, which means you may publish many articles at once. They don’t have an Auto Post function, a social inbox, or a way to find influencers.

  1. eclincher

         Due to their grassroots ‘word of mouth’ content marketing efforts in the past, eclincher may well be the best-kept secret in social media. According to Martha, who can do my book report, they provide far more value to marketing firms and bigger corporate teams than their rivals. Customer service, in general, would appear to be a given.

However, the supportive team of the SaaS World Eclincher takes customer service expectations seriously and not only 24/7. With eclincher’s social media management solution, you’ll get significant social media ROI. eclincher, a digital marketing tool centered on marketing automations, lets social media managers save time utilizing a single dashboard, automate tedious marketing chores with bulk scheduling options, rss feeds, queues, and more.

Every feature or capacity appears to be designed with the end user’s productivity in mind.

eClincher is an all-in-one social media management tool and platform that is always developing. It has all of the value that any social media team needs (and wants too).

Scalable from the professional solopreneur to SMBs (Small and Medium-Sized Businesses), Enterprise, and Agencies with big teams who require more processes and internal/external team collaboration.

Working with a well-rounded solution allows you to measure your return, boost productivity, save valuable time, and get insight into what is working and what isn’t.

         It’s worth noting that their customer service is routinely rated best in class on sites like G2Crowd, Capterra, GetApp, and others. This highly valued strong social media management tool offers all you need to implement your social media marketing plan, or should we call it a platform?

A complete content publisher, smart drag and drop visual calendar, campaign tracking, competition analysis, and omnichannel customized social media post-editing are just a few of the features and capabilities available.

  1. Agorapulse

         Agorapulse offers all the key functions of scheduling, visual calendar, social inbox, analysis, and team communication, comparable to the aforementioned fully integrated social media management solutions.

Agorapulse, like eclincher, offers competition information and allows you to promote Facebook posts to reach a larger audience. Unfortunately, they lack an influencer component, so you won’t be able to track down your favorite industry figures.

 is a cloud-based system for social media marketing and customer experience management with tools for listening, interaction, posting, monitoring, and managing customers’ data in social media.

According to Gabriel, who can do my english homework, they take pleasure in being adaptable to every sort of marketing, whether they’re working for a solopreneur or a digital agency. Their solution, which includes Auto-Queue posting and visual planning, may be utilized for monthly planning across several social platforms. provides customers with a content calendar that allows them to collaborate with marketing teams to plan, generate, and schedule content.

  1. SocialPilot

         Digital agencies and medium-sized enterprises that handle many customers or accounts would benefit from Social Pilot, a fully integrated social media management solution. Social Pilot is worth a look if your team is mainly interested in developing processes with permission settings, collaboration capabilities, and bespoke reporting for clients.

While Social Pilot provides the foundations, its product also contains a complete social inbox function that allows you to contact the public in addition to auto-posting.

  1. Sprout Social

         Sprout Social has targeted big companies and teams with its scalable platform, which is recognized for monitoring, scheduling posts, analytics, and team management with approval procedures. This social media management tool will appeal to those interested in employee advocacy.

This user-friendly platform is simple yet powerful, and it includes all of the essential functions as well as any customized features that are requested. Individual statistics for each post are one such feature.