How to Design a Social Media Campaign: 7 Tips for Success

Social Media Campaign
Social media lets you show up. 70 percent of Facebook users use the platform at least once per day. They can see your advertising multiple times, encouraging them to do business with you. 

But it won’t be enough to start a Facebook page and talk about your business. You need to develop social media campaign strategies. 

What are the best ways to prepare for a social media campaign? What is the key to standing out from your competitors? What should you do as the campaign unfolds? 

Answer these questions and you can grab the attention of thousands of Internet users. Here are seven social media campaign tips. 

1. Set Goals

A social media marketing campaign has to achieve some sort of purpose. It may be to drive sales for your company. It may be to improve your public image. 

Whatever purpose you have, it should be specific and measurable. Give yourself a benchmark that you want to hit within a certain period of time. Make sure it is relevant to your company’s mission and attainable with your resources.

2. Study Your Audience

If you have an email list for your company, send out a survey. Ask your customers what they like and want out of you. 

Consider your previous marketing campaigns. You want to emulate the ones that worked without regurgitating them. If you made a mistake, figure out how you can avoid repeating it. 

3. Learn About Your Competition

Go on your competitors’ social media pages and see what they do. You need to make yourself distinct without straying too far from the mainstream. If they use humor, you can be more serious.

4. Pick Your Perfect Platforms

Every social media platform is different. You are not limited to Facebook and Twitter, though you should set up accounts for them. 

If you have a visual business, you can go on Snapchat and Pinterest. If you want to appeal to a younger audience, you should go on Tumblr. Check this out to learn more about writing on Tumblr. 

5. Get Creative 

Social media lets you communicate in a number of ways. You can write text, but you can also post videos and pictures. 

Some companies have succeeded by being formal. Others like Wendy’s are looser and more comedic. Spend time coming up with creative ideas and experiment with innovative formats. 

6. Plan Your Posts

At the same time, you should not rush your posts. If you are going to shoot a video, spend a few days writing and filming it. 

Set a schedule of what content you will post and when you will post it. If you are on Twitter, you must post as often as possible. 

7. Be Willing to Adjust

You may make a post that doesn’t work. That happens to every company on social media. 

Evaluate what happened, including in planning the post out. Then take steps to change your operation. If a joke did not land, be less humorous. 

How to Run a Social Media Campaign 

You must learn how to design a social media campaign. Start by crafting a goal for yourself to hit. Find a metric you can examine. 

Figure out what your audience wants through surveys. Take a look at your competitors and produce unique content. Browse through different platforms, including Tumblr. 

Take advantage of your range of choices and get creative. But do plan out your content well in advance. If you make a mistake, learn from it and pivot. 

Social media technology can take you to the next level. Follow our coverage for more marketing guides.