Snapchat Is Personal, but Ads Can Still Work


Snapping photos and videos with your friends is one of the most personal things you can do on your phone. 

But even though Snapchat is a personal platform, that doesn’t mean ads can’t work well on it. In fact, there are a few ways to use Snapchat advertising effectively. 

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How Snapchat Can Work for Marketers

These days, it seems like everyone is on Snapchat. The app has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 150 million daily active users. And that’s good news for marketers. While Snapchat may not have the reach of platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it offers a unique opportunity to connect with potential customers in a fun and engaging way.

One of the key benefits of Snapchat is that it’s highly visual. In an age where people are bombarded with an endless stream of text-based content, images and videos have a much greater chance of catching attention. 

And because Snapchat is still relatively new, there’s also a sense of excitement and novelty associated with it. Brands that are able to capitalize on this can stand out from the competition.

Another advantage of Snapchat is that it’s incredibly easy to use to create Snapchat ad specs that work for your business. Unlike some other social media platforms, there’s no need to invest time and effort in creating complex campaigns or detailed content strategies. Instead, marketers can simply create quick and easy snaps that can be readily shared with followers. This makes Snapchat an ideal platform for running promotions or even just giving people a behind-the-scenes look at your business.

But Snapchat is Highly Personal – It Can Make or Break Ad Campaigns

While Snapchat may not have the same user base as Facebook or Instagram, it is quickly gaining popularity among young adults. And for businesses, this can be both good and bad news. 

On one hand, Snapchat’s highly personal nature gives brands the opportunity to create intimate, one-on-one relationships with their customers. However, it also means that companies must be extremely careful about the way they use the platform, as a misstep can easily alienate potential customers. 

In order to be successful on Snapchat, businesses need to remember that less is more. Snaps should be human and authentic, not overly polished or promotional. 

When used correctly, Snapchat can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool. But when abused, it can do serious damage to a brand’s image.

How to Create Successful Snapchat Ads

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms among young people, which makes it an attractive platform for businesses that want to reach this demographic. However, creating successful Snapchat ads can be a challenge. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Determine Target Audience

First, find out where your target audience is spending their time on Snapchat. There are a number of different ways to do this, including using Snapchat’s built-in tools and third-party research. Once you know where your audience is, you can create ads that are targeted to them.

Keep it Appealing

The creative you use for your ad should be visually appealing. Remember that people are more likely to pay attention to an ad if it’s eye-catching and easy to understand. Use bright colors and clear images to capture attention, and make sure your message is concise and to the point.

Add a Call to Action

Use calls to action that encourage people to take the next step. Your goal should be to get people to interact with your ad, whether that means clicking through to your website or downloading your app. Use strong verb phrases like “download now” or “sign up today” to encourage people to take action. This is where Snapchat’s personalized nature really comes into play!

Experiment With Different Types of Ads

As a marketer, it is important to experiment with different types of ads to find what works best for your product or service. Snapchat is a personal platform, but ads can still be effective if they are well-designed and relevant to the user. 

For example, you could use a story ad that features a personal testimonial or an interactive ad that allows the user to try out your product before they buy it. You could also use a Sponsored Lens to create a fun and engaging way for users to even more directly interact with your brand. 

The key is to experiment and find what works best for your target audience and to leverage the personal nature of Snapchat to do so.

The Future of Snapchat Advertising

As one of the most popular social media platforms among young adults, Snapchat presents a unique opportunity for businesses to reach this key demographic. However, the platform has been slow to roll out advertising options, and many brands are still uncertain about how to best use Snapchat for marketing purposes.

One potential avenue for Snapchat advertising is through sponsored filters. These filters can be customized to promote a brand or product, and they can be a fun and creative way to reach Snapchat users. Another option is to partner with influencers who have a large following on the platform. Influencer marketing can be an effective way to connect with Snapchat users in a way that feels organic and authentic.

As Snapchat continues to grow in popularity, we can expect to see more brands experiment with advertising on the platform. With its massive user base and engaging features, Snapchat has tremendous potential as a tool for marketers. However, it will be important for businesses to approach advertising on Snapchat thoughtfully and strategically in order to maximize their investment.

Final Thoughts

If you’re feeling hesitant about advertising on Snapchat, don’t worry – it’s still a viable platform for your business. Just keep in mind that the ads need to be personal and relevant if you want them to be successful. We hope these tips have given you a good starting point for creating effective Snapchat ads. Have you tried any of them? Let us know how they worked for you.