Simple Tips To Remove Collections From Your Credit Report

Simple Tips To Remove Collections From Your Credit Report

Having a ding on your credit score can pack a big bunch. Depending on the severity of the collection being reported, it can cause a huge drop in your overall credit score. While every derogatory remark hurts, some do hurt worse than others. The key to keeping your credit score on the uphill climb is to pay attention to paying your bills on time and don’t use your full credit limits on your credit cards, if at all possible.

However, if you find that you do have a mark on your credit report that you either don’t feel is valid or feel that it should be removed, here are some simple tips for how to get a collection removed from your credit report.

Simple Tips To Remove Collections From Your Credit Report

  • If you find information to be incorrect on your credit report, file a dispute as soon as possible

It is possible that there might be a mistake on your credit report, but it is up to you to find that mistake and then take the appropriate steps to have that mistake corrected and removed. No one is actually monitoring the accuracy of your credit report, so checking and making certain everything looks accurate should be done each and every month. Even if a ding happens that is negative that turns out not to be true, it can take a bit of time to get it reversed and corrected which just shows how important it is to monitor your own credit score!

Many people actually have alerts tied to their social security numbers (via third-party companies) that will notify them anytime an account is opened in their name. Not only does this help people stay in the know about their current credit score, but it also helps stop any incorrect information as soon as possible.

  • Talk to the collection agency and see if they will remove the collections mark from your account if you are able to pay in full

Use this method when, and only when it’s possible for you to actually pay off the owed balance in full. If you can’t pay it all at once, you don’t need to even ask this question. Some collection agencies will actually work with you on this because ultimately, their goal is to get paid. And if that payment means that in turn, they can remove the negative collections mark from your credit score, so be it.

  • Put the collection company on the spot and contact them to validate the debt

Think of this as just another way to show you proof that the debt is owed, but if you mail them a written letter asking them to show proof and validate the debt, they have 30 days to contact you back by providing proof to do just that. If they don’t, that is then documented and may possibly help you in removing those collections from your credit report.

Last but not least…the easiest and most simple way to remove collections from your credit report is to stay on top of all your bills and finances. While sometimes, things may get reported in error to the collection agencies, other times may be truths. And if those truths require you to pay for your expenses, get them paid and then set up a game plan to never let it happen again.

Suggestions and Tips for Staying on Track with Your Finances

It’s no secret that sometimes, life throws you a curveball or two. When this happens you have to be able to dust yourself off and try again. This is especially true when it comes to your financial responsibilities.

Think of how important having a great credit score is in life, before you decide to pay a bill late. Credit scores determine loans, mortgages, and sometimes even jobs! It’s crazy to think that those three little numbers can have such a huge financial impact and overall outcome of our lives, but it’s 100% the truth!

First and foremost, get a calendar and write out all your due dates.

Once you have this accomplished, set up automatic payments for any and all bills that you can. This works great for cell phone bills, credit cards bills, mortgage/rent, and any other type of expenses that don’t vary.

Now that the hard part is done, it’s up to you to make certain that all your other financial responsibilities and bills are taken care of. Once you figure out a way to handle your expenses, you’ll find that the worry about an impact to your credit score isn’t even valid any longer!

Remember, if you are wanting to know how to remove collections from your credit score, follow these easy tips and suggestions! The sooner that you can take steps in getting your credit score repaired and corrected, the better!