Should You Outsource Marketing?

Big companies are 66% more likely to outsource some part of their business than small businesses. That’s mostly because of the cost of outsourcing.

There are some activities that you can outsource that can generate a return on investment. Marketing is one of them. Should you outsource marketing? Read on to find out if it’s time to outsource marketing and how to do it.  

1. Can You Be Consistent?

How much time can you realistically spend on marketing activities? Let’s say that you want to reach your audience through video.

You have to find the time to script, shoot, and edit your videos. To have any chance of them getting found online, you have to do keyword research and optimize the headline and description for SEO.

Then there’s the thumbnail image, which is one of the reasons why someone will watch a video. All of that is for a single video. Unless you have a flawless system, there’s no way you can do that consistently.

2. Do You Have a Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy is a big-picture plan that aligns your company vision, brand, goals, and marketing tactics.

That’s a lot different than sporadically trying marketing tactics. Most people try something for a couple of weeks then move on to the next big thing.

About 50% of small businesses don’t have a marketing plan. If you’re part of that 50%, then it’s time to outsource marketing.

3. Are You a Marketing Expert?

There’s a good chance that you aren’t a marketing expert. Even if you are a marketing expert, you’re so close to your business that you can’t see your own blind spots.

That causes you to miss certain important steps in developing your brand. Marketing experts help you see the areas of opportunity in your business.

How to Outsource

Business owners are afraid of outsourcing for two reasons. The first is the cost, and the second is that they don’t want to train someone to handle their marketing.

Reconsider that because if you get outsourcing right, then you’ll get a return on investment. Plus, if you hire marketing experts, the amount of training they need is limited.

You need to know what you need to outsource, your budget, and find a good fit. For example, if you want to outsource all of your marketing, then hire a full-service agency like William Lawrence Advertising.

If you want to hire marketing experts for SEO, content, or social media, see if the firm specializes in one of those areas.

You should be prepared to invest in several months of marketing work before you see results. A good marketing strategy takes time to develop and implement.

It’s Time to Outsource Marketing

How would you like to have more time and leads rolling in on a regular basis? That’s what can happen when you outsource marketing.

It’s time to outsource marketing if you can’t commit to marketing on a consistent basis. If you’re not an expert and you don’t have a marketing strategy, you need to find marketing experts to outsource to.

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