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Choose a Shopify Theme with Video Background
Choose a Shopify Theme

Without a doubt, the customer’s first impression is critical, especially when visiting your business page for the first time. Today, the digital world offers numerous products and services, making it harder to get shoppers’ attention. Let’s imagine a person enters your website for the first time, and you have only a couple of seconds to win their affections. So, are you sure your site is eye-catching enough to stand out from the crowd of competitors? Does it have a visitor-friendly design?

Are there any trendy elements to guide people through your content in an interactive way? When it comes to creating a successful website, the list of the must-haves can be endless. And this post will show you how to get all of this just out-of-the-box with Shopify themes with video background.

3 Reasons to Use Background Videos

The visual part of any presentation is always essential, no matter what business niche it covers. It makes the first impression and influences the way prospects treat your brand, startup, or company. However, there are many more reasons to add background videos to the website’s design.

  1. Time-saving. Everyone loves videos because they make a quick and easy way to get new information without losing much time. So, using videos already doubles your chances to promote for new customers.
  2. Eye-catching. Properly created videos is a proven way to catch the eye of a prospect, especially when you have only a few seconds to get their attention.
  3. Statistics. Video marketing works, and users who add videos to their projects get a 35% higher conversion rate.

Essential Features to Look for in Shopify Themes with Video Backgrounds

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms these days. It has everything ready-made and offers tons of sales-oriented products. So, how to choose between all these items? As expected, modern templates should follow specific requirements, so here are the features to look for when buying video backgrounds Shopify themes:

  • Responsive design – makes the website look professional on any device, no matter which screen size a viewer has in hands,
  • Drag & drop technology makes the site-editing process intuitive and straightforward,
  • Blog and Gallery are the must-haves,
  • Cross-browser compatibility makes your page’s load quickly in all the browsers,
  • Retina-ready design is another essential feature that works on the quality of your images,
  • eCommerce functionality is also a must, so ensure the theme you choose is sales-oriented,
  • SEO-ready code would help you to get better search results,
  • Popup login makes the website more visitor-friendly,
  • Newsletter subscription would help you to inform customers about the upcoming deals and makes a proven way to create a customer base,
  • Fully customizable design with all the sections easy-to-replace, versatile colors, etc.

To illustrate, take a closer look at Skince – a brand-new Shopify theme with a background video from TemplateMonster. It comes with all the must-have features in the pack and contains lots of stylish options to enrich your web design.

Trendy Features Checklist

The technical part of your website is, obviously, important, but… Well, once you are through this, it is time to make your site a go-to place. Here is some more feature to make the website as customer-friendly as possible:

  • MegaMenu – allows you to hide lots of information under the minimalist design and betters the site navigation with categories and subcategories,
  • Ajax-based features (Cart, Wishlist, etc.) – make it easier to add and remove products from selections without overloading the page,
  • Lazy Load Effect – helps you to showcase images beautifully,
  • Smart filters – further the searching process, as you can look for items by their features,
  • Sticky web design elements (like headers, popups, CTAs) – better the website navigation and let visitors reach the needed site part without scrolling the page.

In Closing

As you can see, today’s products allow you to manage a full-fledged website without any special knowledge. You already have all the features, pages, and elements ready-made. Just choose the design you like, make sure it has all the needed components, and don’t be afraid to experiment. All in all, TemplateMonster’s Shopify themes offer numerous ways to create a unique design solution.