Today, everyone wants to transfer files from one device to another device. These devices can be android mobiles or windows mobiles or laptops. Some time ago, sharing files took too much time, but nowadays it is too fast and simple.


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Today we are going to discuss a Tutorial that is about “How to transfer files between two android devices or two windows devices (laptop also) or one android and one windows”. let start to know how is it possible.
How to transfer files within a second by ShareIt:
1. Firstly you need to download ShareIt For Windows or Android

 For PC           :      
For Android    :     
For IOS           :    

2. Install that file into your device.
3. Open shareit, Fill your details(name, Image) and select ‘Send’ on which device from where you want to send files. And select ‘Receive’ on another device.

Click on ‘Send’

4. Select your desired data what you want to send to another device that may be a file of any type.
5. Click on ‘Next’ and Select your receiver name, tap on it.

Select Reciever

6. Your files would be started to transferred to your receiver’s device.

7. After Sending all files, you can disconnect your connection by tapping on ‘Disconnect’ and you can send files to this receiver by tapping on ‘Continue’.
8. You will find that you save lot of time in sending files to another device.
It is all about Technology that makes you crazy with latest features and today you got crazy by “How to transfer files within a second by ShareIt”. We hope you will find it helpful.

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