Seven Classic Gifts to Give to Your Canadian Friends

Classic Gifts

If you know someone who is from Canada or someone who simply loves this amazing country, you’ll certainly never run out of ideas when it comes to giving them gifts for special occasions or birthdays. The truth is that t-shirts and Toronto gift baskets are just a couple of the gifts they’ll love, regardless of which province they’re from. Gift baskets are a good choice because they include a collection of interesting gifts to enjoy, but you can choose many individual gifts as well. Regardless of who they are, below are some Canada-related gifts your Canadian friends are sure to love.

Maple Syrup

You’ll notice that maple syrup and maple syrup candy are very popular gifts for Canadians. Canada produces and exports maple syrup to dozens of countries all over the world every single year, so there’s little wonder people love it so much. Canadian maple syrup is pure and sweet, so if you give a Canadian this item for a special occasion, it’s going to make you very popular!

Canadian Salmon

Canada is well-known for its abundance of rich, delicious salmon, and there are numerous companies that sell gifts of salmon for people who love this type of fish. Even some Montreal and Toronto gift baskets have some type of salmon in them, so this is always a good gift to give to a lover of Canada. The smoked sockeye salmon is especially popular, both for its taste and its beautiful red colour.

Canadian Sports Gear

Canadians love their sports, so buying gifts that give attention to one of the individual’s many sports teams is always a great gift for a Canadian. Ice hockey, baseball, and football are just a few of the many types of sports Canadians get to enjoy, so you can always get your friend one of the many sports-related gifts available nearly anywhere you look, including jerseys, t-shirts, and even calendars.

Canadian Ice Wine

Also called “liquid gold,” this type of wine has put Canada on the wine-making map, so to speak. Ice wine has an intense flavour and smoothness, which is one of the reasons it is often enjoyed with dessert. If you’re a wine lover and haven’t yet tasted Canadian ice wine, you owe it to yourself to give it a try, so you should pick up a bottle for yourself when you’re shopping for one for the gift recipient.

Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal art pieces are extremely popular, but try to find copies of the artwork because the original pieces are usually very expensive. Either way, this type of art is a good investment because it tends to increase in value year after year. There are even newer art pieces that come out nearly every year, and most of these pieces are well within most people’s price ranges.

Canadian Gift Basket or Gift Box

Small or large Toronto gift baskets can have just about anything in them your gift recipient will love, so if you’re interested in a basket or box filled with all types of gifts, food items, and souvenirs, this is a great option for you. Plus, the person you give it to will thoroughly enjoy going through the basket and finding all sorts of different goodies and gifts.

Canadian Calendars

Canada is a beautiful country, and the right calendar will capture its beauty with lots of pictures of mountains, lakes, and various animals. Many Canadians have not yet travelled to all parts of the country, so they’ll enjoy seeing things in parts of the country where they don’t live. Calendars are also very practical gifts because even people who use digital cameras usually like to have a paper calendar hanging on the wall somewhere.