How To Set Fake Last Seen in WhatsApp [Hide Online Status]

Set Fake Last Seen in WhatsApp or Hide Online Status– Yes you can set a specific date as your last seen in WhatsApp and you can set fake last seen for your friends. You also can hide last seen feature and also can hide WhatsApp online status from your friends. This trick is about showing last seen faker in WhatsApp.


What is Hide Last Seen and Set Fake Last Seen?

Today, everyone wants to hide their privacy from their friends and relatives so that they can’t their online status and last seen time in WhatsApp. So user wants to set fake last seen in WhatsApp and wants to hide online status. Some friends requested me to share a trick to hide online status in WhatsApp and trick to set fake last seen time in WhatsApp. So let’s start…

Requirements To Set Fake Last Seen in WhatsApp –

  • WhatsApp Backup (back up your current WhatsApp chats and calls).
  • Internet connection.
  • Disclaimer – This trick is working with us. We will not be responsible for any type of issue.

Features of WhatsApp Hacked Version

  • You will see others last seen even you have disabled it or not.
  • You will get others online status even you hide your online status or not.
  • Nobody can see your correct last seen status if you hide it.
  • Nobody can check which version of WhatsApp you are using.
  • Many other features are available in this hacked version.

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How To Set older / Fake Last Seen in WhatsApp

    • Download WhatsApp Cracked / Hacked version from below links-
  • Create back up of your current WhatsApp account in SD card.
  • Uninstall your current WhatsApp from your android mobile phone.
  • Now, Install WhatsApp hacked / Cracked version into your android mobile.
  • Register with your WhatsApp mobile number and verify with OTP.
  • Fill in your basic details.
  • Don’t forget to restore your backup messages from SD card or Google Drive.
  • Now, open the menu and click on ‘Hide Last Seen’ (see image)
  • Tap on ‘Show Last Seen’ to show you are correct last seen to your friends.
  • And, do the same with online status option to hide and show to your friends.

Download Hacked WhatsApp

Click Here

Note – You can see others last seen status if they set it visible whether you have hidden it or not. No one can check that you have a fake last seen or correct last seen. It looks correct last seen the status.

Last Words – This trick is working fine to set fake last seen in WhatsApp and you are able to hide your last seen and hide your online status. If you have any problem with this trick then make a comment below to solve out your problem.


  1. I can set any date and time on my phone. Still can’t pass the “set correct date and time” screen. I can’t finish the setup

  2. its out of date, the problem is due to official whatsapp app update,al hacked and mod of whatsapp need updates.

  3. Hi Shani,
    I really learned many things from your blog and its helps me to improve and grow my knowledge.

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