How To Send High Quality Photos in WhatsApp [Uncompressed Photos]

As you know about WhatsApp, it’s the best instant messaging application for Android and iOS users. It’s not only famous for messaging, but it’s also usable for sharing photos and documents. But, everyone knows when we send any photo on WhatsApp, it compresses its size and the second party gets the same image in poor quality. For example- if we send a 1MB photo to anyone, WhatsApp reduces its size up to 200KB – 300KB. So, we will share a trick that will help you to send high-quality photos to WhatsApp.


Note – This trick is working fine on the Desktop version as well as the Android version. Its also working for iOS users but you have to follow few steps on iOS devices.

How To Send High-Quality Photos on WhatsApp

Generally, we send any photo on WhatsApp by going to a gallery and choosing any photo and we send it to our friends. Then the actual size of the photo will be reduced and image quality is also reduced. So the trick is here –

How To Send Photos in Original Size on WhatsApp (Android & Desktop Users)

  1. Go to WhatsApp and open any chat.
  2. Now, click on the attachment icon in the chat-box.
  3. Click on d0ocuments and select your photos from your file manager.
  4. Send all photos as a document to your friends.
  5. Done!

How To Send Original Photos on WhatsApp in iPhone

  1. Open photos on your iPhone and save all your photos to your Files.
  2. Now, you can send all your photos as documents in WhatsApp.
  3. Tap on the attachment icon in WhatsApp and select all photos.
  4. Send all photos in original size to your friends.
  5. Done!


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Final Words – Now, you know about this trick and you can send any photo in real size. By the way, you can use Google Drive or any other online storage service to send original photos to anyone anywhere. If you liked this trick, please share it with your friends and let them know about this trick. 


  1. Great article dear. You wrote it will. It will help us to send high quality photos. thanks again

  2. I thought its not possible to send photos in actual size. but you made me wrong. thanks for this great information.

  3. Wow. Its really working. I just sent 2mb photo to my friend. He socked after getting that pic. Thanks dear.

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