How to Send Free Text Message from Computer PC or MAC (Top 5 Methods)

Texting is a fast and convenient mode of conversation that everyone uses. But sending SMS via mobile can have some disadvantages for some peoples like it is more prone to typos than typing by a traditional keyboard, it is time-consuming also, another reason is you want to work on your computer without any kind of interruption/ touching your mobile. But good thing is that it is possible to use a PC (desktop or notebook computer) to send and receive SMS messages. So, in this article, we are writing top 5 methods that help you to send a free text message from computer PC or Mac.

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How to Send a Text Message from Your Computer

If you are an Android user, then there are some great tools which can help you to Send a Text Message from Your Computer whether you’re using Windows, Linux, or a Mac.

1. Send Free Text Message Using ‘Messaging App by Google’

Do you know about WhatsApp Web? if yes, Android messaging app by Google is same. Here you need to install Android Messages App on Android phone and use all messages on Windows or Mac. If you are an android user, this method works fine for Android users to send free SMS using PC or Mac.

Step 1: Firstly, download Android Messages App by Google on Android phone.


Step 2: Now, open this link: in any browser on Windows PC or MAC. It will show you a QR code like WhatsApp web.


Step 3: Go to your Android Messages app and find ‘Messages for Web’ and tap on it.

Step 4: Scan QR code with your mobile and done!

Now, all your messages and chats in the Messages app, are visible on Windows PC or Mac. You can read existing messages on PC and also you can send free text SMS from PC using Android Messages App.

2. Using Coolmuster Android Assistant

This is a third party tool that is helpful for sending free text messages from computer to mobile phones.


Step 1: Firstly, connect your phone to your computer using a data cable.

Step 2: Now install and launch the Android managing tool, then, you will see the main interface with some information about your phone, including phone model, system version and storage space size.

Step 3: Now you will notice that all the files in your cell phone will show in the left sidebar, just click the ‘SMS’ category and you will enter into the SMS window.

Step 4: Now click the ‘New’ button, a text box will come where you can give the mobile phone number to whom you want to send the message and then type messages in the below section.

Step 5: After you will finish typing you can click the ‘Send’ button.

That’s it. The recipient will get your message. It is absolutely safe, easy to use and reliable.

3. Send Free Text Message Using Pushbullet

Pushbullet helps to send texts from your computer using your Android phone.

Step 1: Firstly install the Pushbullet app on your phone.


Step 2: Now install the accompanying Windows app or the browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, or corresponding browsers.

Step 3: Now whenever a text will come, you will receive a notification, which you can click to begin a conversation.

That’s it. You can also browse your most recent conversations from within the PushBullet interface.

4. Send Free Text SMS Using Mighty Text

MightyText is also a good app that can synchronize an Android smartphone’s messages with Android tablets and any of the mainstream browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and IE).


For sending an SMS from your desktop, you have to install a secondary Chrome extension called GText. You need to authorize this extension to access your inbox. This extension modifies your Gmail inbox with a Compose SMS button. And you can now directly send SMS via your desktop.

5. Using iMessage on iPhone and Mac

If you are using iPhone or Mac, you are aware of iMessage and its feature. iMessage is an Apple service to all ios devices. iMessage includes forwarding SMS messages directly to your Mac or any other iOS device like iPhone or iPad.

Step 1: To set up iMessage service on your iPhone or iPad, navigate to the main Settings menu and tap on Messages.

Step 2: Now Toggle on iMessage and logged in with the same iCloud account on ios device and Mac.

Step 3: Tap Text Message Forwarding. Now it will ask you to send SMS messages and then enter the six-digit confirmation code displayed on the device. Enter the six-digit code and make it confirm.

Step 4: After confirming the code, you are ready to send a free text message from MAC PC. Now, click on the pencil icon and add recipient who you want to send free text SMS from PC.


So, guys, these three are the best solutions that can help you to send SMS through your computer. If you are also looking for any way to send SMS without touching your mobile, just try out these methods, and select the best solution that will make your work much easier. In case of any query please let us know and make a comment below.