How to Sell Your DVC Points for the Most Money

DVC Points

When timeshare membership is no longer an option, you can sell your Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points.

In reality, you’ll be happy to know that Disney Vacation Club’s fan base will often buy and sell DVC points on the secondary market. And when you choose to sell this way, you’re more likely to get back what you spent than with any other vacation club brands.

This all depends on what you own.

Bear in mind, before you decide to sell your DVC points, it’s definitely worth a little time and effort exploring what DVC has to offer. You might have overlooked some more favorable opportunities.

But, if it is time to sell, here’s a guide to help you sell your DVC points for the most money.

Before You Sell Your DVC Points

Make sure you know exactly what you own before you start selling your DVC timeshare. The number of points you possess, the number you’ve used up, the number you’ve borrowed or banked, your use year, and which resort is your home resort are all crucial considerations when deciding how to proceed. Furthermore, having this knowledge on hand is necessary for the next stage.

If you’re unsure what you own, contact Disney Vacation Club and inquire about your ownership. They will be able to assist you with any inquiries you may have about your points.

You may also ask for referrals for the best approach to selling your DVC points by calling them. While DVC does not have a resale department, they can connect you to legitimate legal resources.

Find a Licensed and Insured DVC Specialist and Broker

Sellers will occasionally try to sell their contracts on their own. The problem is that DVC is such a unique and complicated product that teaching someone who doesn’t have much experience can be difficult.

As a result, it’s a good idea to go with someone who doesn’t just sell timeshares but specializes in and exclusively sells DVC. 

An excellent place to start is by checking out DVC shop.

Don’t Pay Upfront Fees

If a broker suggests an upfront cost, it’s wise to avoid using their services.

Consider this: if they’ve already been paid, what motivates them to sell your contract? They may even tell you that this is standard practice, but it certainly isn’t.

Canceling a DVC Membership Is Not an Option

Many people think they can cancel a timeshare contract, yet this is untrue. Membership in the DVC is real estate that has been deeded, so it cannot be terminated.

Selling your DVC points or gifting them to a friend or family member are the only real options to get out of your ownership. 

Plus, your points cannot be divided to keep or sell because your DVC membership is deeded real estate, as explained. So if you don’t utilize all of your points each year, you can either save them for the following year or give them to a friend or family member to utilize.

How to Sell DVC Points

Many people who want to sell their DVC points do so on the internet. A reputable company can help you publicize your timeshare for sale and get it in front of genuine potential buyers. Or you can consider selling DVC points back to Disney.

Be wary of companies that promise to cancel your timeshare for a price upfront. You don’t want to be a victim of a timeshare con. Some of these con artists will accept your money and then instruct you to stop paying. But be cautious: failing to pay your bills is the quickest way to ruin your credit.

Also, once you’ve decided to sell your DVC timeshare, make sure you keep your expectations in check.

To ensure you’re dealing with a professional timeshare reseller, ask questions such as:

  • Are they a Disney Vacation Club recommendation?
  • Has the Better Business Bureau given them an A+ rating?
  • Are there verifiable, genuine reviews from several other DVC owners on the internet?
  • Is the reseller a member of ARDA?

While the resale market is expanding, it’s vital to remember that no one can tell you how long it will take to sell your timeshare or when it will sell. You should view companies that promise deadlines with caution.

Learn What Your DVC Membership Is Worth

If you have no solid idea of your Disney Vacation Club membership worth, there are a few factors to consider.

These factors are:

  • The resort the contract is deeded to – Check to see the reputation of the resort you’re contracted to and how in-demand it is for buyers. 
  • The size of the contract – It may be that it can be valued higher if you have a smaller contract because of its affordability. In this case, your price per point might be higher than with larger contracts that are less in demand.
  • Your Current Point Availability – The points you have for a buyer to use, the more valuable your contract will be.

Other factors can also include contract extensions and subsidized dues, for instance.

In 2007, the owners of Old Key West were offered a contract extension by Disney. If you bought an Old Key West contract direct from Disney or an extension in 2007 or later, your contract will end in 2057 instead of 2042. This adds additional dollars per point to the asking price.

You can get subsidized dues contracts with Aulani, in which Disney will pay a small amount extra per point each year for the life of the membership. Because of the significant cost reductions, this typically raises the price of an Aulani contract by a good few dollars per point for buyers. These contracts would apply to anyone who bought Aulani before July 5 in 2011.

Sell DVC Points at the Best Price

You should now feel more confident about being able to sell DVC points for the best possible price.

Preparation and research are essential to know where you stand with your membership. And contacting an experienced reseller can help you achieve the best possible selling price.

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