How To Save YouTube Videos To Google Drive (2 Working Methods)

Save YouTube Videos To Google Drive: As you, all know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. As there are millions of videos which are available on YouTube but if we want to see them,  internet connection is must and if we want to see them offline or we want to share these videos with our friends then we can’t share them without downloading. Also, if we’ll download them to our hard drive or to our phone then it will take so much of storage. So we have a better option that we can directly Save YouTube Videos To Google Drive. We are sharing two methods with you to do the same, please go through these.


How To Save YouTube Videos To Google Drive

Method 1: Google Takeout Method (Official Method)

Here are following simple steps that help you to Save YouTube Videos To Google Drive with the help of Google Takeout Method.

1. First of all, you need to go to the Google Takeout page.

2. Select YouTube and any other google products whose data you want to download into Drive.


3. After scrolling you will find an option of Next, just click it.

4. Now you will see a new Page ‘Customize archive format‘ and here it will ask you ‘file type’ and you have to select Zip.


4. Also, you have to select “Add to drive” option under ‘delivery method’.


5. Now, click on CREATE ARCHIVE button. On clicking this button the process of zipping your videos will begin. You can download YouTube videos to Windows PC.


That’s it, you are done now. After some time check your Google Drive account, there will be a folder called Takeout in which all the data will be saved.

Method 2: Google Drive Extension Method

Steps to Save YouTube videos To Google Drive using Google Drive Extension Method:

1. First, you have to install the extension Save to Google Drive from Chrome web store.


2. After downloading you will see a Google Drive Button on the toolbar of the browser.

3. Now go to the YouTube video page which you want to download. Here you will have two options, either you can download the overall web page or you can download the video file only.

4. As we wish to save the video to drive so click to any video, here you will find an option ‘Save to Google Drive‘. click it.

5. For the first time user, you need to authorize the extension to use the details from your Google account.

6. After the authorization, you will see saving in progress. After completion, you can name the file.

That’s all, your videos are now saved to Google Drive.

Final Words:

This is how you can save YouTube videos to Google Drive. Just enjoy the Keepvid videos anytime anywhere without worrying about any kind of mishap that causes videos to disappear. You can follow any of the two methods mentioned above, steps are very easy. If you still face any issue or have some query then make comments below, we’ll surely help you.


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