Sabre: What You Need to Know


Sabre is a global system that collects and stores information about hotels, airlines and everything related to traveling. Its main convenience is the absence of necessity to contact each service provider separately, you can work with this huge database and get all the relevant information there. 

 Sabre was developed about 80 years ago. Initially, its purpose was to help American Airlines with an increasing flow of passengers. Later, its popularity began to grow, in addition to American Airlines, other participants also joined it and it turned into a global distribution system. But the aforementioned system works not only as a collection and issuance of the necessary information regarding everything related to travel. There is also the possibility of enabling the API (application programming interface). The company-intermediary of travel services has the opportunity to book the necessary services for their customers directly online in real-time with its help. All you need to do is install this service on your computer. You can easily order sabre api integration by dataart. This company specializes in it.

  Do you understand what it means? This is an incredible convenience and speed of service to your customers. There is no need to spend a lot of time searching and contacting every service provider, it’s all in one place. It is also important that you can earn from each provided service – whether it’s car rental, hotel rental, air tickets, and much more. Saber opens up a new window of opportunity for you. This is a must-have for every travel company nowadays.

 Surely you have a logical question: how to join this service and become its active user? After connecting to Saber, you get the status of an agent. Follow these steps for this purpose:

  1. Сonfirm the official registration of your activity. This means that you must have state registration in the appropriate direction and be a taxpayer.
  2. Evidence of recent activity. You should have proof that you are in the business of providing travel services and have documents proving your recent transactions in this area.
  3. Industry accreditation is another mandatory condition for obtaining the status of a Saber agent. Check the availability of relevant documents which are proving that you are an accredited member of the tourism industry.

 If you understand that you meet all the conditions above and have collected all the necessary documents for this, the next step with obtaining the agent`s status will be filling out a special form. After completing the questionnaire, the manager will contact you and draw up a contract for the services that suit best for your needs. The active process of your connection will begin after that. It can also be divided into stages. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with these stages below and also bring to your knowledge that will help you solve all the issues and take over the implementation of all the mentioned processes.

  • Choosing a working location and API settings. Your account in the system will be formed in such a way that you should initially think about which region you are going to work with. This needs to be thought out in advance since this setting cannot be simply changed, all information and booking opportunities will work exactly in the area you have chosen. Therefore, this is the first step with which you must clearly define.
  • The process of contract signing. This process is carried out using DocuSign as it is impossible to organize a real meeting for everyone to sign the agreement. This is a special platform that allows you to determine all the details of the contract and to sign it. Do not rush to agree on a contract, consult with lawyers and choose the best solution for yourself. 
  • Activation of access to Saber. This will happen only after all conditions and formalities have been observed, as well as after all relevant payments related to the connection have been made. You will receive an email with activation access. It is also important that you will have a personal account manager who will help you in resolving issues related to the use of the system.

 You may encounter certain difficulties at each stage of Saber API integration, so we advise you to seek help from specialists who will simplify it and make it as fast as possible.