RV Rental 101: Setting Up A Successful RV Listing

RV Rental


With RVs being a key element to road trips or camping, it is always sought after by renters. Though the demand is high, there is also tense competition amongst RV owners to attract the most prospective renters. Many renters are out there looking to meet their destined vehicle, but how can owners like yourself appeal to these audiences? If you’re thinking about renting out your RV, you may have questions like ‘how do I rent out my camper’ or ‘how do I reach customers’.

After speaking to RV renters and owners, we’ve collated seven essential tips that can help you garner better renter reviews and maximize the earnings while ensuring your RV stands out from its competitors. 

1. Snap photos from different angles

Just like online shopping, a pretty picture of the vehicle is what draws the renters to pick your RV. Quantity matters when it comes to photographs, research shows that RV owners that upload four pictures or more in their listing may garner seven times more inquiries. Thus, we encourage all RV owners to snap more pictures to showcase their RV better. 

To allow potential renters better visualize themselves living in the vehicle, ensure the pictures have good lighting and the space (exterior and interior) is kept tidy. As long as you keep these few points in mind, a mobile phone camera is enough to capture the visual elements of your RV. 

Main Photo

This photo should capture the renter’s attention. Before taking the picture, please ensure the RV is clean — no one wants to rent a dirty vehicle on their escapade! The photo should showcase every corner of the RV possible. 

The setting of the photo is important too. Snapping your RV with a natural background makes it easier for renters to visualize themselves there and entice them to rent the RV.

Secondary Photo

The main photo may be the attention grabber, but the remaining photos should seal the deal. Since quantity is encouraged here, use this opportunity to include every aspect of your vehicle. From shots of the cabin, beds, to bathrooms, give the renters more pictures that help them visualize the vehicle better. 

2. Find your unique selling point

Having a catchy yet descriptive headline sets your listing apart from others. Whether your vehicle is spacious, pet-friendly, or is equipped with the latest solar panels, including these unique details can catch the attention of a prospective renter with specific needs.  Find what makes your RV so special and communicate that to the prospective renters through the headline and description. 

3. Provide more information

Renters feel more comfortable booking when there is plenty of information made available to them. 

When considering which information to include, think of all the small details you will ask if you were a prospective renter looking to borrow someone’s vehicle. Some examples of information to include can be: whether there are cooking utensils provided, if there are additional camping gears that can be rented with the R or if the vehicle’s cabinet has space for renters to bring their own supplies. 

Accurate and honest information is the most appreciated, this could even garner you some positive reviews after the booking experience. You don’t need to be so rigid with the description, go ahead and tell the viewers more about your vehicle’s unique selling point! 

RV Rental 101

4. Have a competitive price point

Before you set the rental fee, you need to do your due research to find out how much your vehicle is worth. Search for similar rental listings in your vicinity — on local RV rental shops or RV dealerships — to grasp what is the ideal price for your RV. It is crucial for owners to be realistic about their prices if they wish to attract more interested customers. 

For a start, newcomer owners are encouraged to keep the base price low while offering extra as payable add-ons. This method gives renters a wider range of choices and allows the RV owners to keep the rental fees competitive.

5. Offer payable extras 

Even if you set your base price low, you can always upsell by offering payable additional services. Equipment such as coolers, camping gear, and additional linens can be sold as extras, and owners can offer them individually or as a package. Having a plethora of extras gives the renter more options to customize the RV to their liking and it contributes to your total earnings too. 

If you are still wondering what services to offer as an extra, unlimited mileage is a popular add-on amongst renters. Since RVs are commonly used for long trips, renters rather pay an additional sum to drive freely. 

6. Seasonality 

When is the most popular season for RV in your area? It is important for RV owners to grasp the seasonality in order to set their price point according to the demand of the renters. High seasons refer to the time of the year when the demand for RVs peaks. While low seasons refer to the time when the demands are low. 

Owners are encouraged to adjust their base price of the listing according to seasons. During high season, owners should slightly increase the price because there is an existing high demand for RVs. Meanwhile, offering discounts for your listing is a good way to stay competitive during the low seasons. 

Aside from the price, the minimum rental length can be adjusted according to the different seasons too. Owners can lengthen the minimum rental duration by a week during high seasons. This is beneficial for owners because the longer the rental, the more income for them. 

7. Cleanliness 

Just like a hotel experience, renters are always looking to have a pleasant journey in their RV and that cannot be achieved without a neat and tidy vehicle. 

Cleanliness is a key aspect of the renter’s experience with your RV. If they were satisfied with the overall experience, there is a high possibility that they will leave a good review on your listing. Having multiple positive feedbacks on your listing will further entice prospective renters to book your RV, consequently contributing to your income. 

To make your job easier, do consider charging a cleaning fee on your listing. You can choose to outsource the cleaning to a professional or simply do it independently and keep the cleaning fee as an extra income. 



Renting out your beloved RV is a good way to make side income if you already have an existing vehicle. However, there is more that goes into a successful listing aside from putting it up on the relevant rental sites. These simple yet useful tips should be incorporated into your current listing to further enhance your booking rat