All you need to know about RuneScape, buying RuneScape gold, and if Buying OSRS gold safe? 

    Buying OSRS gold safe
    Buying OSRS gold safe

    RuneScape took the online gaming world by storm when it was released in January 2001. In fact, it went on to become the most-updated free MMORPG(massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) in the world with over 200 million accounts created on it.

    With this, one could easily estimate the popularity and the immense fan base this online multiplayer game has earned over the years.

    RuneScape allows its users to create free user accounts which is something special about this game, as it is lauded for its free access. RuneScape also offers paid accounts. The online multiplayer game has over 9.5 million free accounts that are active at the moment. Complimenting the free accounts there are about 500 paid accounts too.

    History of RuneScape: 

    RuneScape is an online multiplayer game developed by Jagex. Originally it was coded in the Java programming language, but was later translated into C++, a more commonly used programming language in 2016. The translation came into effect as Java was fast losing its usage in the programming world.

    Originally this game was developed in 1998 with the help of isometric graphics. But this version was never released for the audience.

    Servers of RuneScape:

    It is important to know about the different servers of the game as these servers decide the playing of the game in different countries. But relax, RuneScape servers cover almost all of the world. RuneScape currently has 200 servers across the globe. To be precise RuneScape has its servers located in 15 countries. Some of the major countries are the United States, Netherlands, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

    These servers are subject to reshuffling considering as per the player’s pattern. They are meant to provide a seamless and cost-effective playing experience to users across the globe.

    Difference between free and paid accounts:

    The 200 RuneScape servers currently in operation are capable of serving 2000 players around the web at the same time. Players who have chosen the paid membership plan are given priority while connecting to the server.

    All about RuneScape gold:

    The medium of exchange in the game is RuneScape gold, it can be understood as the form of currency used in the game. It is abbreviated as RuneScape Gold. It can be either purchased for real money, or you will get different opportunities while playing the game to earn RuneScape Gold.

    RuneScape Gold enables you to perform exchanges from other players, buy gear, buy exciting new weapons that are available only via RuneScape Gold. You will get a variety of opportunities like participating in different quests, skilling tasks, and PKing to earn RuneScape Gold for yourself.

    Why buying RuneScape gold is far more convenient than trying to earn it. 

    New players will find it extremely difficult to earn RuneScape gold as there are many limitations and conditions imposed on the earning criteria of RuneScape gold. The following reasons will advocate for a beginner level and also for the advance level players that why buying RuneScape gold is the easiest, and the most feasible option available:

    • It will save loads of time:

    The quests, trivia, and skilling tasks that provide opportunities for earning RuneScape gold opportunities are very cumbersome and tricky. You will end up spending too much of your valuable time, and the rewards aren’t that welcoming either. You will yourself feel like you aren’t rewarded according to the labor you have invested in completing the tasks.

    • You get what you need the most in almost no time:

    There are PvM and other bossing activities that enable you to make more money. But the catch is that you will first need some quality gear and weapons to participate in those activities. And buying quality gear will also take RuneScape gold. So the best possible alternative is to buy RuneScape gold instead of mugging your head.

    Buying OSRS gold safe? 

    OSRS gold

    There are plenty of people who ask this question whether buying OSRS gold is safe? The probable answer to this question is that there is not a 100% guarantee that you will never get banned for buying OSRS gold.

    But the fact that you can use your gold in RuneScape in whatever way you want.

    Thus far there aren’t any notable cases where any player is banned from buying OSRS gold. So you can claim that buying OSRS gold is safe.

    Moreover, it is far less risky than botting which is done for scamming in coins.

    Buying OSRS gold safely:

    Ensuring the compliance of the following points will make sure that you have made the right OSRS gold purchase:

    • Trade over some junk as face to face trades are considered safer, and until you have something from each side in the trade the bans aren’t attracted.
    • The payment gateway must be a  secured one.
    • Make sure that you never pass over your account Id and password in any scenario. And if someone asks for it, immediately back off.
    • Make sure that you close the private or public chat that you have initiated within the game for transaction motives.