Immerse Yourself in the Rich History and Culture of Romania on a Guided Tour.

Rich History and Culture of Romania

Eastern Europe has been attracting tourists for centuries. Those first foreign car travelers were attracted to the region for the same reasons that many choose to visit today. There are wild and untamed natural vistas, wonderful authentic cuisine, and a welcoming populace, as well as exchange rates that make travel to the region exceptional value for money.

However, one country in Eastern Europe has been exploding in popularity. This is Romania. This intriguing Eastern European country has all that the best of the hotspots of Europe have to offer and adds a rich and fascinating history and cultural attractions that will not fail to impress even the most seasoned traveler. To learn more about the captivating beauty and hidden gems of Romania, click here.

Here are only some of the attractions in Romania that make each visit unforgettable.


The capital of Romania, Bucharest, is the ideal starting point for any visit to this Eastern European country.

Bucharest, which can be found in Southern Romania, is a bustling metropolis; however, it is also a city that has retained much of the charm of the Middle Ages. Much of this charm is due to the wonderful architecture of the city, but Bucharest also has much more to offer.

While in Bucharest, the visitor should not miss the opportunity to view the imposing Palatul Parlamentului government building with its 1,100 rooms. But for those who really want to experience the vibrancy of Bucharest, an evening spent in the Lipscani district is highly recommended. This district is also steeped in history and is home to many other attractions. There is the petite Eastern Orthodox Stavropoleos Church, as well as the Curtea Veche Palace (built in the 15th century). This palace is where Prince Vlad III, also known as The Impaler, once held court.

Dracula’s Castle

Vlad the Impaler was the inspiration behind Bram Stoker’s famous literary figure, Dracula. And for those who are interested in either history (of the bloody kind) or the mythology of Dracula, a visit to Bram Castle is an absolute must.

The Home of Dracula, Bran Castle, can (of course) be found in Transylvania. This fortress is today a Romanian National Monument, and visitors are urged to take one of the tours on offer. These tours provide a wonderful insight into the history of the region and the Dracula legend.


Those who will be travelling to Transylvania to view the home of the most famous vampire of all should not miss the opportunity to spend some time in Cluj-Napoca. This exciting city hosts several universities, and those interested in history (or art) will be delighted with the choice of museums available.

As one would expect, Cluj-Napoca’s standing as a university town means that the nightlife is something that should not be missed. The entertainment possibilities are almost endless. You can indulge in fabulous French cuisine at Toulouse Café-Brasserie, choose to dance the night away at Club Midi, or enjoy some fabulous adult beverages and great bar snacks at Blend, Brews, & Bites.


For those who want to explore the history of Romania and delve into the fascinating Romanian culture, a visit to Sibiu will prove not only fun but also educational. The town is worth a visit just to view the authentic mediaeval architecture, but it is also a wonderful destination to explore other cultural and historical attractions. While walking the cobbled streets, take some time to visit the fascinating Brukenthal National Museum and the picturesque Council Tower.

The Danube Delta

Nature lovers will be overjoyed with the opportunity to visit the Danube Delta. This sprawling wetland, where the Danube River empties into the Black Sea, has a wealth of flora and fauna that must be experienced to be believed. The Delta is home to 300 bird species and 45 unique species of fish.

One of the best ways to explore the Delta is by boat, and with 2,200 square miles of waterways interlaced with reed islands and marshland, the services of a qualified guide will be essential. Many tour companies offer guiding services in the company of a qualified ornithologist—a must for bird lovers.

For lovers of history and culture, a visit to Romania will create memories that will last a lifetime. However, the country also boasts incredible scenery, vibrant cities, and wonderful people. And you will be saving money when you compare your costs for a Romanian adventure with the cost of travel to one of Europe’s increasingly crowded capitals.