How to Revamp Your Home Office Space

Revamp Your Home Office Space

It may seem like eons since you began working from home due to the pandemic. You’ve set up a makeshift home office, complete with a second screen and a more comfortable chair, but have you really set to work making your home office a space where you can feel completely comfortable, creative, and content? In this guide, we’ll show you how you can revamp your office space without breaking the bank to help you produce better work in a calmer atmosphere when you decide to work from home.

Walls and Floors

The most important aspect of any room isn’t the furniture or furnishings but the walls and floors. If the walls of your room are grubby and faded, this will leave you feeling uninspired and dull. If your floors are sticky or uneven, you’ll end up frustrated that you’re forever tripping or squeaking around your office space when you should be calm and in the zone.

Happily, it’s incredibly easy to make walls and floors like new. Walls simply need a lick of paint – something you can do over the course of the weekend if you buy paint, brushes, and rollers during the week. And floors can be pulled up and replaced with ease, especially if you use laminate or another plastic flooring, which you can weld seamlessly together with a plastic welding gun. Again, this needn’t take you longer than a weekend to achieve.

Desk and Screen

Your entire working life is very likely to revolve around a desk and your screen or screens. You’ll spend upwards of 40 hours each week leaning your elbows against your desk, concentrating as you stare at your screen. But is your screen and your desk optimized for your posture and your vision?

It may not be. You should check online to see if your desk is the right height to avoid back issues – if it’s not, an adjustable chair could help. Buy a second screen if you don’t have one already so that you’re able to be more productive in your job. And consider buying a height-adjustable laptop stand, which will help you work sitting down or standing up – also great for your back and your posture. 

Freshness and Calm

Have you ever noticed how commercial office spaces make great use of light – usually with bar lighting to make sure that there are no corners of the office that are dim? Well, that’s to keep you awake, alert, and fresh-feeling – ready to produce some of your best work. And actually, there are plenty of things other than increasing light in your home office that can contribute to your happiness and wellbeing.

Top of the list is house plants. Fill your room with a good number of plants – great in the background of your Zoom calls, but also a calming and wholesome presence when you’re shut in a small room for many hours each day. Look into inspiring furnishings and wall hangings too that will keep you inspired in your home office.

There you have it: three simple and achievable ways to get your office looking great over the course of a weekend.