Remote Tools That Can Elevate Your Business

Elevate Your Business
Elevate Your Business

Moving your business online may feel overwhelming, even with the rise of remote and hybrid work, but it doesn’t have to. With so many digital tools and resources available, it has never been easier for a brick-and-mortar firm to integrate into an online business model. Consider the digital tools that can benefit and elevate your business.

Online Training Programs

With many businesses taking on remote and hybrid business models, training has become more of a challenge when onboarding new staff or investing in research and development. The good news is, whether your staff are working remotely, in person, or a combination of both, you can streamline training with online solutions.

Take, for example, RBS certification training. Establishments that sell and serve alcohol in California will need alcohol servers and managers to obtain RBS certification to legally operate as of July 1st, 2022. That said, with shift work being prevalent in the food service industry, restaurants and other relevant establishments likely won’t want to wait for staff to be on-premises to go through training. 

With online RBS training programs, you can train online, at your own pace to earn your RBS certificate without disrupting business operations. 

By integrating in-person training with online remote employee training modules where possible, businesses allow their employees to learn in a more comfortable environment at their own pace, which oftentimes contributes to a more long-lasting understanding. Online training is also far more cost effective, as it doesn’t always need to cut into business operations or require additional labour costs.

Online Video Conferencing

The ability to hold meetings online and even have a quick virtual face-to-face conversation has become increasingly essential for businesses. This is not only a need of remote businesses, but any business dealing with a remote service provider. 

By allowing users to communicate virtually, this type of software also helps businesses reduce commuting time and increase their overall communication and productivity. 

Messaging Systems

Messaging systems like Slack are to remote workers what Microsoft’s MSN Messenger was to 90’s high school students. With these elevated instant messaging systems, teams can communicate in groups and effectively share announcements on different channels.  

The best part? You can integrate various tools with Slack for more seamless use. For example, Slack also integrates apps like Outlook Calendar that will notify you of upcoming meetings and indicate to other users that you are currently in an important meeting.

Project Management Systems

When you are a business tackling multiple involved projects with various moving parts, it can be challenging for all team members to stay on track. More and more businesses, both online and in-person, utilize project management software to automate some processes and allow teams to plan out projects and work together more effectively. 

These systems also make it easy to track the progress of a project, share assets, and indicate the status of a task, whether it be in progress, on pause, or complete.

Remote solutions are very accessible and easy to adopt. If you run a brick-and-mortar business that relies upon in-person interaction, start thinking of ways you can integrate online business models into your system to cut costs.