Reasons Why Short Code Text Messaging Is More Powerful Than Push Alerts

In these modern times when everything is fast and happening, push alerts or any other mobile methods seems to be an old and less useful method of marketing. Replacing the push alerts or any other mobile methods is common short codes text messaging that is very powerful. Though these are not new, it is the advantage of this most popular method along with the ubiquitous features that makes it the most common and effective way to market a product using smartphones today. Reasons Why Short Code Text Messaging Is More Powerful Than Push Alerts

Reasons Why Short Code Text Messaging Is More Powerful Than Push Alerts

There are a few specific reasons for such popularity of short code text messaging over push alerts.

  • Push messaging typically requires downloading an app to receive the message. Since people now are de-cluttering their phones from the apps that they rarely use, this seems to be inconvenient to them.
  • Moreover, push notifications typically do not allow the customers to respond directly or a designated path for interaction unless an app is downloaded.
  • As for the text messaging, the implementation and use of Artificial Intelligence in it has provided the desired boost to the brands to develop their marketing campaigns through chatbots.  
  • With the help of these automated text-based interactions with the customers, brands have found a great and more effective way to build up or supplement app functionality into more effective and result driven text-based conversation.  

However, most marketers claim that they understand the power of text messaging in mobile marketing to reach out to the potential customers, a few of them usually incorporate these texts into their marketing campaigns.

All in all, this is a significant oversight and as per the results of multiple studies considered, it is found that when brands use text messages for their marketing campaigns they have a nearly 100% open rate, which is almost four times higher than the average open rate for email or any other traditional marketing campaigns. Reasons Why Short Code Text Messaging Is More Powerful Than Push Alerts

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Features of common shortcodes

Common Short Codes are considered the most secure and trusted SMS or MMS text messaging option. This helps the marketers not only to reach out to the more targeted and non-targeted audience but also to engage them directly through their mobile devices.

The most significant feature of a shortcode is that these do not have any complex technicalities in it and is supported by almost all different types of wireless carriers such as:

  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile and
  • Sprint.

These shortcodes also work well irrespective of the type of application providers, aggregators, and content providers. Taking all these entities together, it helps the brand marketers to control the Common Short Codes. In turn, it helps them to engage the customers under certain guidelines so that they can build and maintain customer trust as well as brand reputation. To enumerate the features of the shortcodes it can be said that:

  • The common short code program is overseen by CTIA in the US. Since 1984 this trade association has been representing the wireless communications industry. However, the Common Short Code registry is administered by connective officially.
  • These Common Short Codes are usually numbers that are either five or six digits. These are unique and identify the specific brands that want to engage in trustworthy communication with their consumers.
  • These shorter numbers are also recognized as the identification number of sorts coming from the specifics of the brand and are legitimate. This means the customers gain more trust and are encourages interacting with the brand more readily, comfortably and easily.
  • Moreover, these codes are much unlike the long-form codes such as the regular telephone numbers that essentially come in 10 digits or more. This means the Common Short Codes are much easier to remember.
  • In addition to that, Common Short Codes help the consumers as well as the brands to protect them from receiving any unwanted spams.
  • It helps the consumers to decide whether or not they want a specific text message from the different brands of their choice. This is done in accordance with the set guidelines which essentially promotes the common features like the opting in for receiving messages, ability to ‘stop’ future messages and also the ‘help’ information.
  • When a Common Short Code is placed on the print ad, a TV commercial, the website, or store marketing collateral, it will encourage the consumer to send a text to download an app link or to receive a special offer.
  • Using shortcodes make interaction a matter of seconds and everything happens in real time. This helps the marketer by a great extent in engaging a consumer in the real world at a point-of-contact or when they are contemplating a purchasing decision.

All these features and attributes of Common Short Codes make them a highly effective tool for mobile marketing campaigns. It enables the consumers to opt-in to receive offers and discount coupons, links to apps, and all other useful and relevant information that is sent on a regular basis from the brands or their retailers. Reasons Why Short Code Text Messaging Is More Powerful Than Push Alerts

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Useful for many users

Common Short Codes can be used by anyone for their marketing purposes whether it is a company or an entity. All they have to do is adhere to the specific guidelines of using Common Short Codes for mobile marketing campaigns. The list of users includes:

  • Major brands
  • Government
  • Small businesses
  • Charitable organizations
  • Hospitals and
  • Educational institutions.

However, Common Short Codes does not necessarily have to be for marketing purpose only. It can be used as a “one-to-many” mass communication channel to send broad alerts and notifications to a large number of audience.

The primary use of these shortcodes for such purposes is to verify account ownership. This can be done through a one-time pin reset. It also allows the brands to notify of any fraudulent activity.

Therefore, considering all the above features and benefits of using shortcodes, it can easily be said that the possibilities and uses of these code enabled text messages by different brands and entities to interact with their consumers seems to be endless. No doubts there are more preferred over push alerts. Reasons Why Short Code Text Messaging Is More Powerful Than Push Alerts

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