How To Quit Your Job The Right Way

Quit Your Job The Right Way

We’re in the middle of the Great Resignation in which people are taking advantage of the job market and walking away from jobs they hate. It is a good time to leave your job that you don’t like and find a career that is more fulfilling. Life is too short to commute and work in a job that doesn’t bring any kind of satisfaction. 

 Whatever reasons for leaving a job you may have, there are right ways and wrong ways to quit. If you quit your job the wrong way, you risk having difficulty finding a new job and also losing your ​​severance pay California.

In this article, we will go over several things to keep in mind when you decide to quit your job. 

Prepare ahead of time

Before you hand in your resignation notice, it is a good idea to have all of your ducks in a row. This means that you should save any vital information that you may need later on from your work computer. As long as you are allowed to download files then you should do so. Also, delete any personal files from your computer to have them ready to be handed back to your employer later on. 

While you are doing this, you should be looking for a new job discreetly so you don’t tip your hand that you are leaving. While you want to give your employer notice before you leave, you want everything to be ready before they find out. If they find out you are leaving before you do things officially, it can put you in a bad position. 

Check your benefits

It is important to review your employee handbook to understand what you are entitled to when you quit. Your severance package, unpaid vacation time, and other benefits will be impacted by when and how you quit. Make sure you understand what happens to them when you quit. 

This could impact the timing of when and how you quit as you may want to take your vacation before leaving the job so you don’t lose any time accrued. 

Write your resignation letter

The best way to quit a job is to let your employer know in person and then hand in an official resignation letter. The letter is very important to have on your employment file and it should be done the right way. 

The letter should be professional and include things like when you are leaving and whether you are willing to help during the transition period. The tone of the letter should be polite and pleasant. Include a thank you for the opportunities you were given while working there. 

A poorly written resignation letter could put a positive recommendation in jeopardy. You may hate your boss and your job, but you need to make it sound like you loved it there but are making the choice to leave based on personal factors. This way you don’t burn any bridges.