What Is The Procedure Of Cutting Glass Bottles With Dremel?

Old glass and wine bottles are the basic materials for a DIY project, as crafts like glasses, lamps, candle holders, etc., could be mended from it. If you are an aesthetic and creative person, you can craft your old waste glass bottles into creative showpieces; this is the right article you should follow to know more about cutting glass bottles with a dremel. Never try to rush the work, or you will end up breaking the glass bottle.

Glass Bottles With Dremel

To be creative is one thing and to know how to create is another. So, before turning your old glass bottles into new aircraft, you need to learn how to cut them using any tool. The most common thing you will find to cut glass into halves is a dremel. 

To be more specific, dremel is a brand name used to say any whirling tool, despite brand. Now the next question that arises is how to use a dremel to cut glass? Here is the procedure:

Steps to Cut Glass Bottles with Dremel


Before you start cutting the glass piece, marking the line to run the dremel through is very important. So you need to make the lines where the cuts will have to be done, to be sure about cutting the glass piece in a straight line. This process will also ensure the height above which you want to half the glass bottle. 

In the case of cutting a wine bottle, you can wrap it with tape to create the lines before cutting. However, using cello tape instead of ink to make the lines is highly recommended before cutting the bottles with a Dremel. Though, the lines made with ink could smudge while spraying WD-40 on the glass surface. 


Always make sure that you are taking all the safety measures before you start cutting the glass bottle. The glass particles are very minute and can get into your eyes, causing severe eye infections. 

The minute particles can also get into your nose or mouth, which is very dangerous to human health. The glass pieces can also injure your hands while cutting. 

Make sure to use gloves, dust masks, and safety goggles before you start cutting the glass bottle.

Place the glass bottles on a stable surface or use a holder to fix the position of the bottle. As used for cutting glass, the dremel is a very sharp tool. So a slight shift of the bottle can either injure you or cause irregular cuts on the glass while the blade is in motion. 


Make a small notch first before cutting the complete circumference of the bottle with a Dremel. Consider that notch your starting point, then carefully continue cutting the rest of the bottle. On the spot of the glass where you are making the notch, spray WD-40 on it.  

This liquid lubricates the surface of the glass bottle, which requires less force and effort to cut into halves. The lubricant also prevents the glass from cracking or extra heating up of the glass bottle. 


Use Dremel’s diamond cutting wheel to expand the notch carefully unless the bottle is completely cut into half or however shape you want. Do not touch any spot of the glass that is not lubricated. 

Due to the uneven shape and structure of the wine glass, it is impossible to hold it in a fixed position. Always keep the bottle to the farthest point, from where you are cutting it to ensure safety. To avoid the consequences of the slipping of the cutting wheel of the Dremel, always stay at a distance. 


After cutting the glass bottle, you can give it a finishing touch to enhance a professional look. After all that, shaping and whirling, the glass would have been sharp enough and jagged, which can cause severe injuries while being touched. Adjust your dremel to a grinding mode and add more WD-40 on the glass bottle surface for lubrication as required. 

Glass Bottles

Keep shaving the edges of the glass until it becomes smooth and safe to touch. Uneven and sharp edge things are dangerous to keep in your home, as anyone can touch them accidentally and get hurt. Mostly, children can get hurt if they put their hands on the sharp edges accidentally while playing. So it is a prime concern to even the edges to avoid injuries. If necessary, apply some more lubricant to it. 


In the end, use high-resistant sandpaper to refine your glass. While refining the glass bottle, completely wet the sandpaper with water. Apply it until the edges of the mended glass bottle become thoroughly smooth and even. You can use an eighty grit abrasive grinding bit to sand the edges. Apply 200 grit fine sandpaper to finish the smoothing. 

After completing all the procedures safely and professionally, wash the bottle. After washing, wipe any oil or glass savings on the glass surface. And with this, you’re done!

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Being creative is good, but also making sure that you follow the correct procedures while cutting the glass is also important. Instead of throwing away the spare glass bottles in the garbage, you can creatively use them to decorate your house. 

These above-mentioned steps will guide you to cut your glass bottle using a Dremel. Also, keep in mind the safety measures to avoid any injury. Hold the dremel and the glass bottle at the farthest point from you to avoid it in case it slips accidentally. 

Glass Bottle

WD-40 lubricant is available in the stores where you can easily purchase it. You can also place the glass under running water while cutting. It makes the blade of the dremel sharper and allows the cut to be made faster. But you need to keep in mind the safety measure while dealing with glass and sharp objects. 

Using lubricating agents makes the process easier and requires less effort. Moreover, it depends on the thickness of the glass bottle. The thicker the glass bottle, the more effort, and lubricant are required.