Private vs. Public School: Which Is Best for Your Child?

Private vs. Public School

As a parent, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is deciding on the right type of school for your child.

You’ll want to give your child a great education that shapes them into successful adults. But school type can be a big decision because there are many benefits to both private and public schools.

If you are deciding between private vs public school, you have several things to consider. In this article, learn about and discover which option is best for your child.

The Cost

If you can afford private school education, your child will likely receive a better education. However, public schools are often just as good, and they are free. It is important to research the schools in your area to see which one will be the best fit for your child.

You also need to consider your family’s financial situation. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what you can afford and what you think will be best for your child.

Size of The Classes and Resources Available

Private schools often have smaller class sizes, which can lead to more individualized attention for your child. This can be a benefit if you are looking for a more intimate learning environment. They also tend to have more resources available, such as technology and extra-curricular activities

Public schools are often larger, which can mean less individual attention for your child. However, they typically have more diverse classrooms and extracurricular offerings. They are also typically located closer to home, which can be more convenient. 

The Quality of Education 

It depends on your child’s individual needs and learning style as to which is best. Some parents feel that private schools provide a more well-rounded education, with smaller class sizes and more attention from teachers.

Others prefer the bigger class sizes and variety of course offerings in public school education. You should also check out other skills that they can provide, like transition skills. Consider all schooling options and make the decision based on what will help your child succeed academically and personally.


Check the distance from your home. If you live in a rural area, your child may have to travel a long distance to get to a private school. This can be a problem if you don’t have a car or if public transportation is not available.  

Private vs Public School: Choose What Best Suits Your Child’s Needs

Choose between private vs public school; the best school for your child is the one that meets their individual needs. Some children thrive in large public schools, while others do better in a smaller private school setting.

Consider your child’s learning style, social temperament, and extracurricular interests when making your decision. Talk to administrators, teachers, and other parents to get a sense of the school’s culture and whether it’s the right fit for your family.

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