Hitting the Road? 8 Steps for Preparing Your Vehicle for Auto Transport

Preparing Your Vehicle for Auto Transport

Before you can hire a service to ship your car from coast to coast, you should ensure your vehicle can handle going from point A to B. Shipping your vehicle is an excellent way to save on headache and money, but you’ll still need to do a bit of prep work before you hand over the keys. 

Auto transport companies take pride in their work and want to deliver your car as safely and efficiently as possible. By following these eight steps to prepare your vehicle, you can help ensure it reaches its destination looking spick and span. 

Clean your car

The primary purpose of auto transport preparation is to make it easier to notice damage or changes to your car after it arrives at your final destination. If your vehicle’s exterior looks like you just went off-roading, it’ll be harder to detect any new nicks or dings sustained during transit. 

Take your vehicle through a car wash before you drop it off with the auto transporter to ensure you know the pre-delivery condition. 

When preparing your vehicle for auto transport, it’s essential to follow these key steps to ensure a smooth and secure journey with the trusted expertise of an auto transport company.

Conduct a visual inspection

Look through your car for any damage or problems before the shipping company picks it up. While reputable auto shipping providers like Guardian Auto Transport, a car transportation provider in Texas, will conduct a 22 point inspection on your vehicle, completing a visual inspection before pick-up is still an essential step. You are your car’s best advocate, so you must take note of both pre-and post-delivery conditions. 

Write down your odometer number

Depending on how you’re transporting your vehicle, you may anticipate a jump in the odometer number. If someone is driving it for transport, then this increase is perfectly normal. We recommend writing down the mileage number before delivery and cross-referencing it with the distance between the pick-up and delivery to determine if your drive took any detours along the way. 

If your vehicle is delivered by truck, there should be nearly zero increase in the odometer total. 

Remove all accessories

If you have a fancy Bluetooth interface or a favorite dashboard ornament, there’s no point in risking a loss in the shuffle. Remove all your car accessories and pack them separately as the safe delivery of these items might not be under the warranty of the transport company. 

Check key components

For your car to make the trip successfully, you’ll need a full battery, at least an eighth of a tank of gas, antifreeze in the radiator, and tires full of air. Check all of these things before you drop the car off to save both yourself and your auto transport company of choice some time. 

Leave at least 1/8th a tank of gas

No moving company is going to expect a full tank. An eighth of a tank is a common courtesy, as transporters need enough to drive your car onto the transport vehicle. Most transport companies will have their gasoline at the drop-off point, so more than an eighth of a tank isn’t necessary.

Do the regular maintenance

Check your car for any leaks and bring it to a mechanic for an inspection. While shipping your car doesn’t add wear and tear, you don’t want to suffer a breakdown as you’re pulling away from your delivery site. 

Get insurance

Beyond the active insurance on your vehicle, you might also want to inquire about transport insurance. That will ensure you receive compensation for any damage during transport, as many standard coverage plans don’t cover shipping. 

Parting shot

Follow all of these steps, and your car should arrive safe and sound at your new destination.