PPE in the Workplace: The Importance of Maintaining Compliance

PPE in the Workplace

OSHA makes around 30,000 in-person workplace inspections per year. This number was a bit lower during the pandemic, but enforcement inspections are back in full force. Failing an inspection can devastate organizations.

Having adequate PPE in the workplace will help your place of work pass OSHA inspections. PPE compliance also keeps workers safe and reduces the severity of potential workplace accidents. 

Wearing PPE in the workplace is critical for workplace safety, but how else is maintaining PPE compliance important? Get the information you need in this handy guide. Read on to learn the importance of wearing PPE equipment.

PPE Reduces the Frequency of Accidents

Some PPE, such as non-slip shoes, can help reduce the frequency of workplace accidents. Workplace accidents are a negative thing in a multitude of different ways. They lead to paperwork, lower productivity, and cause disturbances.

They also can cause serious injury or death of workers. Avoiding workplace accidents is a joint responsibility of both employers and employees. It also should be a major priority. Proper PPE use can make it become a reality.

PPE Reduces the Severity of Accidents

In addition to reducing the frequency of accidents, PPE compliance can also reduce the severity of them. For instance, a hazmat suit can prevent serious chemical burns. A hard hat can turn a deadly strike into a minor injury.

Having the right PPE and training can help keep employees from being seriously injured. Make sure employees take the proper OSHA PPE training for every piece of PPE they are issued. That way, they will remain safe!

PPE Compliance Helps You Avoid Fines

Failing an OSHA inspection comes with big consequences. At the very minimum, an organization will be given a warning for violations. After that, stiff fines or penalties such as closures follow suit. Some closures are permanent.

Don’t let your organization be on the receiving end of an OSHA violation. By maintaining PPE compliance, you can pass every inspection. If you are an employee, don’t be the worker caught in violation. It could cost you your job.

PPE Compliance Establishes a Culture of Safety

A safe workplace is a productive workplace. Proper PPE is essential for establishing a culture of workplace safety. It serves as a physical centerpiece for any workplace safety campaign.

PPE compliance is only one component of a workplace safety culture, but it is the most visible one that employees interact with on a daily basis. Use PPE compliance as a springboard to inspire discussions about safety culture at work.

PPE in the Workplace Is Essential

Having the right PPE in the workplace is essential for employee safety and productivity. Make sure that no matter what kind of work you are in, you have the right PPE to make a safe environment.

Use the information in this article to better understand PPE compliance and how it can benefit your workplace. For other great news and information in a similar context to this article, check back with our website again right away!