How Powerful Meta Descriptions in Atlanta can Boost Your Ranking

How To Powerful Meta Descriptions to Boost Your Ranking

SEO isn’t as easy as it may sound, but certain aspects of SEO are easier to master, such as meta descriptions. Since the introduction of SEO, Meta descriptions have been in the spotlight due to their tremendous benefits, which isn’t likely to change.  It’s time to learn how to write compelling meta descriptions and use them as a powerful tool.

What is a Meta Description?

The Meta description is a meta tag or a short paragraph written in the HTML section of a web page, and it describes what the page is about. The meta description appears under your page’s title in the search result. The meta description also appears when people share your article to other websites and social media platforms.

What is the importance of Meta descriptions?

Google states that meta descriptions don’t alter rankings, but this statement is very far from reality. Anecdotal evidence has shown that Meta descriptions do help in boosting your rankings. A meta description decides whether the searcher will click across to your web page from the search result or not. A detailed, relevant, and compelling meta description is more likely to generate traffic by increasing the click-through rate.

How long should your Meta description be?

Over the years, it has been a standard SEO practice to limit your meta descriptions to 135-160 characters. 165 characters being the maximum. Search engines will cut off the end if you exceed this limit, making your hard work go to waste. This is also why all the important keywords should be at the start. If you are not good at writing your meta descriptions, take help from the experts. Atlanta SEO Company can help you produce the best meta descriptions and boost your ranking on search results.

How to write compelling Meta descriptions 

Here are a few points you should keep in mind when writing your meta descriptions:

  1. Make sure to use engaging and important keywords, especially at the start. Some search engines highlight keywords in your meta descriptions that are relevant to the searcher’s inquiry.
  2. Make sure that your meta description is readable and understandable. Filling your meta description is not a smart move. It might give the searcher a negative impression as they may assume that your web page is spam. Your meta description should consist of easy-to-read sentences.
  3. Make sure your meta description is compelling, relevant, and attractive. It should be appealing. A meta description is like a teaser of the content on your web page.
  4. Every page should have its unique meta description. Do not copy meta descriptions because Google can penalize you for duplicating them.
  5. Make your snippets richer and more appealing by adding elements such as star ratings, product descriptions, customer ratings, etc. You can add power calls to action. Make sure you use a proper tone of voice and proper branding, as this will make your meta description more attractive to the searcher.

In a nutshell

Meta descriptions are a very important aspect of SEO. They can make or break your click-through rates. This is why it is very important to master the art of writing appealing meta descriptions because they increase CTRS and traffic to your page.