How to set up a (Post-Award) PEPPOL Access Point (AP)

PEPPOL Access Point

It is great to comprehend the importance of the PEPPOL service for your company’s invoicing and transactions. Soon, more and more businesses will adopt the PEPPOL e-invoice practices to save more resources and time. The digital invoice with little manual processing will be transmitted effectively to the recipient through the peppol network, resulting in a much more advantageous cash flow for the suppliers, sellers, or providers.

The businesses interested in adopting the particular invoicing will have to subscribe to the peppol AP provider of their choice. Then the e-invoices will be delivered to the specific peppol access point that works on behalf of the receiving parties.

It is imperative to know that the e-invoices transfers between the two or more access points are conducted according to the specifications set. Every single business will only need to connect to one AP.

In this post, you will learn about setting up a peppol access point which is the service to transfer the types of formal documents. Keep in mind that this guide works for those who want to be a Certified provider of the AP.

OpenPEPPOL Membership

To become an OpenPeppol member, it is a must to have the membership of OpenPeppol for the providers.

It is straightforward to become a member. Visit the OpenPeppol official site. Locate the section called “Join OpenPeppol” to start registering. On this page, you can find the details of the membership and fees.

To subscribe, you will need to fill the form with the required information. Sign the form, scan it, and have it delivered to the official email address of OpenPeppol:

The professionals in the sap peppol access point will check the application form and make the assessment. Depending on the operational hours, you will get the response in a day or two, sometimes in a week.

The membership approval is the main subject of the email response. If your organization application is confirmed by PEPPOL, it will be listed at the official OpenPeppol membership site.

As becoming a member, it is imperative to get involved with the particular community. The active network Communities are a great place to find the same-minded people in both private and public sectors. It is important to find resourceful information coming from across the world. Each country might have different kinds of practices and peppol services to share in the community.

PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Agreements (TIA)

The AP providers must sign the TIA – Transport Infrastructure Agreements for the AP companies with the Peppol Authority in the conducted country. In this case, you will attain the form of TIA from the official authority. You will then need to fill the template, sign it, and return it to the peppol access point provider staff. See the available Peppol Authorities list through the official site of the professionals.

If you have difficulties in this phase, you could reach out to Galaxy GW representative to help you out with the process. They will help you to walk the process through.

PEPPOL Technical Specification

Implementing the AP services should be based on the PEPPOL BIS specifications. You can see the exact specs at the official site of the OpenPeppol.

As the AP provider, one will need to make sure that the peppol business documents sent from your customers are created based on the aforementioned set of specifications.

It is imperative to validate these documents or ensure that your clients have slated the mentioned verification on the Peppol BIS documents.

Peppol BIS Billing 3.0, for instance, will make differences in Europe compared to non-Europe countries. This specification is aligned to the European e-Invoicing standard or technically called EN 16931. The recipients of the particular documents are also according to the EU standards. For all the members of Peppol in Europe, it is a must to fetch the information based on the particular BIS.

And when the peppol network is used to receive business files by the Peppol participants located in non – European areas, there’s a chance that Peppol BIS Billing 3 . 0 sets of standards are not working. Instead, the recipients ( who are also members of Peppol ) will receive the invoices based on the country-centric BIS Billing 3 . 0 specifications.

Some countries also adopt the Peppol BIS Billing 3 . 0 rules with some modifications. For instance, Singapore is compliant with the BIS, following the Peppol BIS Billing 3 . 0. However, the VAT is not working in the country. Instead, those rules are swapped to Singapore GST – Goods and Service Tax.

The other countries also do similar practices. For instance, Australian companies have adopted BIS, which tracks the Peppol BIS Billing 3.0. But in the VAT section, the authority changes it with the Australia GST – Goods and Service Tax regulations. The specification’s name is A-NZ Peppol BIS Billing 3.0.

Some folks might notice the phrase “A-NZ” there. NZ stands for New Zealand, where this specification also works in that country.

PEPPOL eDelivery Network

PEPPOL eDelivery Network comes with many things to learn. It is essential for all peppol access point providers to understand all of the aspects, including the structure, accessibility, Access Point roles, SMP provider tasks, as well as their connections with the PEPPOL Authority.

These technical specifications are important to let you know if you already have the good hardware/software, as well as human resources to conduct it. You can see these specifications in the Peppol eDelivery Network Specifications sections. For some folks, it might be challenging to cross-check these aspects. Consider reaching out to Galaxy GW professionals to help you out from the beginning to the final.

Peppol e-invoicing

The e-invoicing transfer is almost similar to the conventional e-invoice. The peppol types of the document will be delivered from your ERP software to the other system of your recipient. There are many formats used in the world today. But the PEPPOL standard simplifies everything. It allows you to deliver the documents to public sector clients.


The self-conformance testing is important to be conducted by the service providers and public entities to ensure that they have been compliant with the e-Invoicing solution against the standard. The self-conformance testing service is also conducted by the funded projects, software owners, and relevant parties to make sure that their solutions have passed the Conformance Testing.

Open PEPPOL Accreditation

Once approved, your company or project name will be situated at the official site of Peppol. The next task to conduct is to contact OpenPeppol to attain your Certified Access Point logo that you can utilize in your website, social media, or other mediums.