4 Reasons Playing Video Games is Actually Good for You

Playing Video Games

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years, and it’s not surprising that it’s taking the world by storm. For most parents who may not be able to keep up with it, it may seem a bit confusing. Things like video games and social media may leave you with questions. While these new innovations may have cons to them, they also have a number of benefits. Have a look at the four reasons why playing video games may actually be good for you so that you won’t feel like you need to get rid of the consoles and PCs in the house.

1. They’re Safe

The first benefit that children can get from playing video games regularly is that they’re a very safe way of having fun. The fact that your children are going to be indoors means that you may not have to worry about picking them up or dropping them off somewhere. You can also be sure that they’re going to remain safe from possible issues like accidents and more. This is something you may find easier to appreciate when you consider the report that was shared by the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services. It states that drowning in natural waters accounted for nearly one-third of all deaths that resulted from unintentional drowning. When they’re safe inside, you won’t have to worry about that! 

2. They Can Improve Vision

Another benefit of playing video games is that, contrary to popular belief, it can help improve vision. As long as you don’t sit too close to the screen or spend too much time playing video games, the benefits should apply. The focus that one needs to put in while playing video games improves spatial resolution. This means that avid gamers can see smaller details and identify objects in cluttered spaces a lot better. Vision is one less thing that you need to worry about if your children love playing video games. With more than 42% of children aged between two and 11 years having a cavity, according to the CDC, it’s likely you’ll have to focus more on this aspect than their optic health.

3. They Improve Mental Health

Playing video games is an amazing mood-booster, and it’s easy to see how it can help improve mental health. This has led to video games being used in therapy for more than a decade, after a number of studies were conducted. The added benefit of dexterity means that children who play video games may be able to do things that call for light fingers, such as playing instruments. There are roughly 34% of adults who currently play an instrument, according to ABRSM. If you or your child have ambitions to learn how to play an instrument, playing video games can actually help you with this!

4. They Teach Problem-Solving Skills

Finally, as technology grows and evolves, it becomes more important for people to learn problem-solving skills, both online and offline. This is something that video games can help with, since most of them are basically complex puzzles. In order to get better at playing video games, you need to be able to think on your feet in order to help you progress faster. As such, gamers may find it easier to work out solutions in various real-life situations thanks to training with video games.

Clearly, technology can be used to improve the future in a number of ways. Video games can help children learn and improve a number of important life skills. As a parent, you simply need to regulate some aspects such as time and the material consumed, and your little gamers will be okay!