Planning to Buy Sports Bike Under 5 Lakh? Know Your Options

When it comes to commuting, the ease of a two-wheeler always trumps that of a four-wheeler. Motorcycles are simple to operate and save journey time around the city because they demand considerably less parking space and are simple to use. A two-wheeler saves time commuting to work, visiting the local market to purchase weekly groceries, or seeing a friend or family member in a busy town.

You may be searching for a sports bike under 5 lakhs that delivers the excitement, or you may be looking for one that provides dependable and efficient everyday commuter transportation. 

You have abundant possibilities if you buy a sports bike under 5 lakh. You may select from various designs with various body styles, including fully-enclosed bikes and naked streetfighters.

Whether you’re searching to buy your first bike or an upgrade, we’ve compiled a list of the top sports bike under 5 lakh in India. With premium features such as strong engines, sturdy frames, and elegant designs, you will discover the ideal bike for your needs. Read ahead to know which sports bike under 5 lakhs dominates the market. 

Dominar 400

The Bajaj Dominar is the debut of a series of big, powerful bikes for India’s rapidly expanding luxury biking industry. There is no doubt that the Dominar 400 will have its unique identity. Let’s find out why it is so popular among Indian motorcyclists. 

Sports Bike

Features of Dominar 400

  •     With a 373 cc engine, this bike can produce a maximum of 35 PS and 35 NM of torque.
  •     The big tyres, robust fuel tank, LED lighting, and completely computerized speedometer dashboard are enough to capture your interest. 
  •     The naked street design of the Bajaj Dominar 400 is anticipated to grab the attention of many. The muscular front fascia and futuristic LED headlamps give the bike a futuristic appearance.
  •     In addition, a six-speed transmission and slipper clutch adds to the bike’s exceptional performance. 
  •     It boasts disc brakes, dual-channel ABS brakes, and a gas-charged mono-shock suspension.
  •     The bike can reach a top speed of 148 kilometers per hour. In addition to being an excellent touring bike, it is the fastest bike Bajaj has ever offered. 
  •     This bike may be the best option for thrill seekers seeking high-speed bikes.

Dominar 250

Sports bike under 5 lakhs in India are popular, and the Bajaj Dominar 250 is no different. In contrast, the NV200 engine provides excellent performance at an economical price. It also has functional and adaptable features, including ABS and EBD. Design-wise, it is appealing to both men and women! It ranks among India’s most affordable sports bikes.

Dominar 250

Features of Dominar 250

  •     It is driven by a 248.77 cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled DOHC engine that produces 27 Bhp and 23.5 Nm of peak torque. 
  •     The maximum speed of the sport bike is 132 kph. 
  •     It includes an LED headlight, an LCD, a USD fork, a slipper clutch, and dual-channel ABS. 
  •     The mileage of a bike is among the essential features a customer considers when making a purchase. 
  •     It is a superior bike in terms of efficiency and economy because of its powerful engine. 
  •     The promising bike has a mileage of 35 kilometers per liter, making it an excellent option for individuals seeking a fuel-efficient sports bike under 5 lakhs.

Bajaj Pulsar F250

It features a new design that shares many characteristics with the preceding Pulsar series. It is equipped with a new instrument panel that maintains a simple yet attractive appearance owing to its analogue rev counter. The digital section of this updated display now contains convenient functions such as a clock, gear shift indicator, and distance to fuel gauge. With its light clutch and accessible power, the Pulsar F250 is a joy to drive in heavy traffic and can also maintain highway speeds between 90 and 110 kph without the engine sounding stressed.

Bajaj Pulsar F250

Features of Pulsar F250

  • The engine of the Pulsar F250 is a 249.07cc, single-cylinder unit with an oil cooler. 
  • The fuel-injected SOHC engine produces 24.5 PS of torque. 
  • It features a 5-speed transmission with an assist and a slipper clutch. 
  • In addition, the motorbike features a revolutionary tubular frame chassis. 
  • The front suspension is telescopic, while the rear suspension is a new mono-shock.
  •  It has 17-inch alloy wheels and dual-channel ABS on its 300mm front and 230mm rear disc brakes.

Final Words

The Indian motorbike industry has transitioned from fuel-efficient designs to performance-oriented versions. With quality features such as powerful engines, robust frames, and stylish designs, you can find the perfect bike for your needs. Currently, the sports bike under 5 lakh are among India’s most popular two-wheeler segments, and manufacturers like Bajaj are lining up models to satisfy the rising demand. All of these sports bikes bring joy to your life. These sports bikes under 5 lakh are designed exclusively for speed-obsessed riders and will fill your life with excitement.