Pets and Plants: Which Are the Best Pet-Friendly Plants for Your Home?

Pets and Plants: Which Are the Best Pet-Friendly Plants for Your Home?
Pets and Plants: Which Are the Best Pet-Friendly Plants for Your Home?

Having a pet can bring a lot of joy to your family but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. Of course, these responsibilities all depend on the type of pet you decide to get but there are some basics you cannot overlook. In addition to taking them to the vet for their regular checkups, taking them out for walks and getting them high-quality food, you also need to ensure your home is safe for them. One part of pet-proofing a home is researching the plants you currently own and whether they are potentially toxic to pets. Listed below are some of the best pet-friendly plants you should turn to in case those that you have right now are poisonous. Take a look.

Parlor palm

If you’re looking for a plant of a bigger variety, you will love the parlor palm. This attractive plant is non-toxic to both humans and animals so regardless of whether you have a cat or dog, you can rest assured they will be safe. Plus, it is also great for amateur gardeners seeing as how it is adapted to relatively low light and can handle lower temperatures. In case you live in a temperate climate, you can’t go wrong with parlor palm.

African violet

In case you would like something that blooms, you should consider the African violet. This lovely plant can be found in a variety of colors and can even bloom in low-light conditions. Average humidity and moderate temperatures are all this plant needs to thrive. Plus, the fact that it’s not dangerous for your pets will make it even more appealing.

Christmas cactus

Another interesting plant that blooms is the Christmas cactus. Unlike some other dangerous holiday houseplants like amaryllis and mistletoe, this cactus is not poisonous to cats and dogs. While it might cause some tummy issues if ingested, it is a lot safer than other alternatives. Furthermore, it’s not even sharp so your curious little friends will not get injured. On the other hand, this is a great Christmas gift for a friend with pets.

Friendship plant

Seeing as how this plant is very easy to divide and share among friends, it’s no wonder that it was named the friendship plant. Regardless of whether you receive it or are thinking of giving it to a friend, you can rest assured that it is safe for pets. Your little furry friends might be attracted to the fuzzy leaves but considering the fact that this plant thrives in terrariums, they might not even get a chance to nibble on it.

Spider plant

If you are a beginner looking for some cat-safe indoor plants, look no further than the spider plant. They are easy to grow seeing as how they are very adaptable to most conditions. Plus, they don’t require a lot of maintenance, as long as they are placed in a spot that has bright, indirect light. While they are not poisonous, due to their long, dangling leaves, you can consider hanging them from the ceiling or putting them on a high shelf.

Areca palm

Another palm variety that is not toxic to cats and dogs is the areca palm. When buying this plant, keep in mind that it can grow to be over two meters tall which means that you might have to replant it every couple of years due to its rapid growth. However, seeing as how it purifies the air and moisturizes it during dryer seasons, a bit of maintenance should not be too big of a task.

Blue Echeveria

In case you are looking for a cute succulent to add to your home, Blue Echeveria might be just what you need. Despite its name, it comes in different colors such as blue, violet, pink and green. It requires direct sunlight and it shouldn’t be watered too frequently. While this variety of succulents is safe for pets, you should do some research on the other ones as jade, for instance, can be very dangerous.


This lovely plant is often gifted during holidays such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. In case a loved one presents you with this gorgeous bloomer, there is no need to be worried about whether it can harm your dog or cat. This Brazilian native requires constant moisture and indirect light but other than that, they are not too hard to grow.

Cast iron plant

A beautiful plant that is quite hardy and can do well under most indoor conditions is the cast iron plant. It does well in low light and doesn’t need a lot of water either. It grows slowly but it lives for many years, typically reaching the height of around one meter. Your pets might be tempted to nibble on the leaves but seeing as how it is non-toxic, it will not cause them any harm.

These nine are in no way the only pet-friendly plants you can add to your home. From orchids to several types of fern, you have a lot of choices when it comes to adding greenery that is not dangerous for your little furry friends. In case you cannot find information about a certain plant you own, place it out of your pets’ reach to keep them safe.