How to Optimize Your Workflow With Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel

Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel

Are you trying to find new ways you can do things faster at the office?

More and more people are working from home, using a virtual work environment. With remote work, you’re working harder than ever to optimize your workflow and make things go further.

You might know about going through keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word, but you might not know that the same concept applies to Excel keyboard shortcuts.

Read on to learn the top ways to take things to the next level with some keyboard shortcuts in excel!

Setting Up Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel

Excel is a powerful tool, and part of what makes it so powerful is the ability to customize your workflow with useful excel shortcuts. You can optimize your workflow with mac excel shortcuts by setting up the most used commands. To set up shortcuts in Excel, open the Shortcuts dialog box by going to the File tab and selecting options.

Then, select the Commands, not in the Ribbon tab, and scroll down to the command you want to create a shortcut for. Select the command, click the Press new shortcut key field, and then press the keys you want to use for the shortcut. Be sure to click assign before moving on to the next step.

You can also use the Shortcuts dialog box to reassign or remove shortcuts.


To customize helpful excel shortcuts in Excel, first, open the application options dialog box by clicking the File tab and then selecting Options. In the left pane of the Excel Options dialog box, click Customize Ribbon. In the right pane, under Customize the Ribbon and shortcuts, click Customize.

In the Customize dialog box, under Categories, click the command that you want to associate with a shortcut. Under Press new shortcut key, type the key combination that you want to use, and then click Assign. To remove a shortcut, under Shortcut Keys, click the shortcut that you want to remove, and then click Remove.

The Benefits 

There are a few key benefits to using shortcuts. First, they can help you work faster. When you know the shortcut for a certain task, you can do it without having to stop and think about how to do it. Second, shortcuts can help you avoid mouse errors.

If you’re reaching for the mouse, you’re more likely to make mistakes. Third, keyboard shortcuts can help you stay organized. If you know which shortcut does what, you can keep your work area tidy.

Lastly, shortcuts can help you be more productive. By using them, you can get your work done quicker and move on to other tasks.

More Efficient 

If you want to optimize your workflow and become more efficient in Excel, then you should start using keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts in excel can help you save time by allowing you to complete tasks that would otherwise use your mouse. 

Learning and using keyboard shortcuts is a great way to become more efficient in Excel. If you’re interested in more excel information, Keep reading our blogs daily!