5 Best Online Tutoring Tools for Teachers

Online Tutoring Tools

The last few years have changed the way in which many businesses operate. The move from the traditional office to the digital version was a worrying event at first, but for many smaller businesses, it soon became an eye-opener.

Take online tutoring, an area that has grown in no small way since the beginning of the pandemic. Online tutors can now operate solely in the digital domain, without the need for a physical classroom. This has benefits for the tutor and for the students, both of whom get the added convenience of being able to teach and learn when is best for them. 

Weve been looking at tools that online tutors are finding essential for the efficient operation of a tutoring business, so heres what weve found. 

Online Booking Tools

One of the most useful online tools for tutors is an online digital booking system. This one, missed.com, allows for the students to pick a slot when they are available for teaching. This means that the chance of no-shows is reduced, and the convenience to both parties is assured. Its done by way of a cloud-based calendar that the student accesses. They then pick the time slot, and it is shown as taken. Both parties get a notification. Its quick, simple, and effective, and also saves time and money. 

Online Tutoring Tools for Teachers

Networking Tools

One of the lessons learned from the move to remote working was that efficiency and productivity can reach high levels if teams are kept in touch with each other. There are various networking and sharing tools that allow for the sharing of documents and information in real-time. Perhaps the most popular of these is MS Teams from Microsoft. This allows for sharing and collaborating in real-time remotely, so an entire team can work on a project in sync. Its a useful and easy-to-use tool that is great for tutors sharing reports and information with students and vice versa. 

Video Conferencing Tools

To enable face-to-face conversation, you will need a video conferencing package. Its worth knowing that the first tool we talked about has a built-in video tool, but there are dedicated examples that are very capable. Skype is among the most popular such tool and is free to use. It allows for video contact that is seamless with a good broadband connection and is easy to use. There is also Zoom, which experienced a huge increase in demand for group conferencing use during the pandemic and is also easy to use and efficient. You will need a strong connection for either of these to operate correctly. 

Content Creation

The old adage that content is kingremains true to this day. Tutors will, of course, need to create content to send to students for their lessons. There are many content-creating tools that are established and effective. For document creation – as well as more – the popular and ubiquitous Microsoft Word is the go-to example for most tutors. It is versatile and offers ease of use at a low cost, and when you get used to its many impressive features, you can easily create more than simple documents. Word is one of the most popular software packages in the world today and should be a part of every tutors digital office. 

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are another essential part of the tutors armoury, especially when you have a larger number of students. These systems allow you to integrate content in many forms and also keep up to date with progress and all areas of the tutorsbusiness. A popular example is Moodle, which is among the more versatile of all LMS tools. Moodle is widely used by top universities as well as online tutors as it offers everything you could want to enable an efficient and profitable online tutoring experience.

In Conclusion

The above are by no means the sole examples of tools that will be of use to tutors offering online classes but are among the best and most important of all. We also suggest that social media can be used to great effect for tutoring – a Facebook page, for example, as well as a Twitter account, can allow you to reach your audience and inform them of upcoming events or deadlines.

All of the above tools are readily available and will make your life as a tutor far easier than you may expect. We recommend that you have a look at all of them, and their alternatives as this is a busy market, and decide which will become part of your digital office setup. A well-run online tutoring business can be a profitable one, and we hope that we have helped you see how you can improve the service you offer and your return on investment.