OneDios- A One Stop Solution for Hassle-Free Repairs


When you contact Customer Care, what are the three prime things you look for?

Well, we are acquainted with those three things & we aim to prioritize them

  • Professionalism
  • Patience
  • ‘People- first’ attitude

Brands may own very innovative products, with cut-edge technology, but if the customer service is not helpful and not up to the mark, the brand loses customers over it.

Attitude is everything, the right one can change negative customer experiences into positive and vice-versa.

According to customers, the most important thing in any Customer Service Centre is valuing their time and resolving their queries as fast.

OneDios ensures achieving this milestone!

Once customers feel valued & heard, the future rests brighter! We at OneDios respect your time & stand strong in valuing your suggestions & resolving your grievances.

Do you know how ONEDIOS can help you in your daily life?

 Read along to find out!

Going the extra mile is one of the most important things you can do to deliver great customer service provide a “direct from the company” end customer service experience to all Indian customers.

To cut down the difficulties faced while accessing basic Customer Care services, we present to you, India’s First Accumulator Platform:

just like Pigeon customer care, many companies fail to meet a customer’s expectations.

With a vision of prioritizing customers,

Pigeon, the prestigious brand has associated with OneDios to give excellent services to their customers, No more hassle of finding customer care numbers online! Book a service or raise a complaint with OneDios and we’ll take it from there!

For instance, you buy a Pigeon gas stove & unfortunately, there is a malfunction. If you want your gas stove to be repaired, you can just follow these simple steps & get your grievance resolved within no time!

  1. Go to the ONEDIOS App and choose your brand
  2. Choose your product
  3. Select the offers you would like to avail
  4. Choose Preferred Date
  5. Request submitted

Principles of OneDios promote constant support to customers by keeping it simple, & without any path of trouble!

OneDios simplifies the product life cycle journey for end consumers.

We provide you with a professional team that plays a significant role. We know that customers want clear and accurate information about the services they are interested in, & would like to avail. We make sure to provide you with the best services by well-trained professionals.

Don’t worry about long waiting calls, we respond to you quickly!

Hence with OneDios, you are guaranteed to get great support service. OneDios values your time!

Well, in a nutshell, OneDios is your go-to service partner!

Pigeon Customers, we are sure that you would feel delighted to know that the brand has collaborated with OneDios to serve you more efficiently.

Our agents are easily accessible, knowledgeable, and courteous. They let you talk about your grievances with their excellent listening skills & are always willing to talk through a resolution.

OneDios– A simple, transparent platform for Brands, Customers & Agents!

Welcome to the era of OneDios which will facilitate ease & change!