One-of-a-Kind Surprising Birthday Gifts 

Birthday Gifts

A gift is a special way to nonverbally express your love for someone and we all know that everyone loves a nice gift, especially if it’s for a special occasion. No matter what the gift is if you know your loved one’s likes and preferences you will buy them something that they would surely love. 

Getting someone something that a little amount of people have is the best. A one of a kind gift is the best way to show someone how much they mean to you and this article will give you an insight into which gifts are the most special ways to do this.

Shirt with an application of their liking

Sure, a cliche birthday gift idea, but every shirt is different when you put a unique application on it. You know what your loved one likes. It can be cars, flowers or absolutely anything else. You can find a shirt on the internet with anything and everything on it.

If the birthday person likes coffee a little bit too much and never misses church on Sunday then the perfect gift for them is a coffee and Jesus shirt. The options are endless!

Make a gift box

It can contain anything and everything. If you want the gift box to fit something larger, get a bigger box and fill it with more items besides the large one. You can fill it with their favorite cosmetics, movie-themed items or you can mix items up.

If they’re avid plant lovers, you can compile a box with a cacti print mug, their favorite plant shirt, coaster in the form of their favorite succulent and various quirky plant accessories, such as pins, brooches or stickers. Anything that they would like, you can put in the box, just make sure it’s a nice-looking one. 

Anything custom made

It might be a ring, a necklace, a mug, or really anything. You can order something custom-made and unique for a one-of-a-kind gift. Just make sure that what you’re planning to order is an item that they previously mentioned that they like, even nonchalantly.

You can even order a custom-made Rubiks cube with a picture of their liking if they are into more geeky stuff. Besides ordering, you can DIY something special for them yourself. Get yourself some quality materials and get yourself working. Whatever you plan to gift them make sure it’s special.

Frame a nice picture

It could be a photo of a special memory of you two together, it could be a poster you made in photo editing software or a photo of them with their pet. A special little something that they can hang on their wall and smile at every time they look at it.

If you have visited their house and noticed a blank spot on the wall that needs some decoration, make the proportions of the framed picture to fit that spot. You can even suggest to them to hang the picture there once you gift it.

Surprising Birthday Gifts

Final thoughts

A gift is a special item you give to a person you love on a special occasion. You can even gift them on a regular day, to make their day better. Make sure you gift them something they like and remember to purchase a nice packaging bag or a box. One-of-a-kind gifts are even more special regardless of how close the person is to you. If they are not that close to you, this special gift will ensure that they will remember you.