How To Get Reliance JIO 4G Sim Card Without Bar Code, Without 4G Device  – Hello friends, today I will tell you a trick to get JIO sim on 3G Mobile device. You can enjoy unlimited Internet service of JIO sim card on your 3G mobile phone device. You can get JIO sim card without bar code and without 4G mobile with the help of this trick. Normally, JIO is available for 4G device only but some users are waiting for 3G devices and they are searching tricks to run JIO sim card on 3G device. So this article will help you.

JIO Sim Without Bar Code / Without 4G Mobile
JIO Sim Without Bar Code / Without 4G Mobile

How To Get Reliance JIO 4G Sim Card Without Bar Code / Without 4G Device
This article is only for you to get JIO sim card without 4G mobile device. Actually this trick is about PORT method that will will make you able to post your old sim card into JIO sim card. You will not need any type of bar code or 4G device for JIO sim. So let’s start this trick to find out your JIO sim card.

  1. Write a message in your android mobile device – PORT ’10_digit_mobile_number’
    • For ex- PORT 9897033994
  2. Send this message to 1900 (Rs. 1 Charge)
  3. Now please wait for 1 minute only and you will get a message from your network operator.
  4. You will get a Unique Porting Code in above message.
  5. Now go to nearest JIO store and give that Unique Porting Code and 1 copy of Identification proof and 1 Photograph to JIO care officer.
  6. After 5-7 days, your current mobile number will be available in JIO operator and you will get unlimited Internet and calls for 90 days.
  7. Done!

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Last words – This trick and article is about JIO sim card to get JIO sim card without 4G mobile and without bar code. if you don’t have any bar code and still have 3G mobile device you will get your sim card surely with above trick. Please make comment below if you have any question about this trick.

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