How Occupational Stress Management At Call centres Builds Trust Between Agents and HR

Occupational Stress Management
Occupational Stress Management

The human resource department is not only about recruiting and interviewing candidates, it also requires HR professionals to take care of all aspects that keep their employees happy and stress-free at work. Below the article here find occupational stress management.

At call centres, the HR department is often a distant and unfamiliar presence in an agents’ life. Call centres and human resources (HR) departments are two distinct entities that must communicate in order to work effectively together. As such, the relationships between these internal departments can be complex and sensitive.

Today many companies have opened up call centres; these are manned by customer service agents who should offer better services for clients which sometimes lead them into more stressful situations with their employers’ departments in charge (HR). 

Managing call centres stress is crucial and tough to deal with, however, by employing strategies like trust-building or establishing rapport-building exercises between call centre agents, and HR departments there will come more opportunities than ever before where you’ll feel comfortable asking questions about anything.

Why does a Trust Relationship between the HR department and Call Centre Agents Matter?

HR departments and call centre agents can form a trusting relationship with one another. This trust improves teamwork, organisational alignment as well as efficiency in the workplace. The more effective the relationship, the better all parties will feel in their work environment – including stress levels!

Maintaining an open line of communication with your agent makes for quick resolution when there’s a problem or concern on either end.

Ways to Create a Trust Relation between HR Department and Call centre Agents

Employees in call centres are under a lot of stress. This is one side of the coin. There is another side: this affects the company, its image and reputation. 

The main question that the HR department faces while looking for a way to promote a healthy work environment without changing too much of their already operating procedures, is how they can effectively help agents manage stress at work that automatically leads to trust between both parties.

Here are six ways to do this:

1. Encourage the use of organisational tools that affect performance positively. For example, send your agents for online courses or workshops that will help them deal with their emotions and stress or improve certain skills they need to develop to better handle conversations with customers. 

Of course, it is important to make sure the tools are appropriate for their needs, otherwise, they will be counterproductive. This ease in their work would help the HR department to give them positive vibes regarding their work environment.

2. Make some changes in schedule policies. One of the quickest ways you can do this is by shifting your agents’ schedules dynamically instead of having them work during fixed hours on specific days. 

Products that manage timetables dynamically actually allow employers to not only change the shift schedule on an hourly basis but also to track when they are overloaded. This strategy would give them the sense of impartial judgement by their HR and help to build a healthy relationship.

3. Provide your agents with information that will help them understand their needs better and find possible solutions for these needs. For example, you can show them some statistics about how stress affects performance in order to make them realize there is a need to do something about it. 

4. Make your call centre a psychologically safe zone, where people are allowed to express their emotions without any fear of being judged for them. Open communication of call centre agents with their HR departments builds a trustworthy workplace relationship.

5. Offer relaxing activities that will help agents relieve stress after work or on the weekends. Of course, these activities have to be done outside the workplace so they don’t affect employees ‘ performance.

And last, but not least: get dedicated experts on board to help your agents deal with stress and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

In conclusion, there are many ways to manage stress at work in call centres without being too rigid or changing your entire business model. 

Just remember that you have to meet your employees halfway and that the more you invest in working with them on this issue, the better relationship you might have with your employees.