Netflix Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac OS

Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming service used across the world. You can use it anywhere, Windows, mac OS, Android, iOS, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, your random smart TV, etc. Netflix allows you to control your viewing experience directly from your keyboard while watching on your computer, so if you are also addicted to Netflix then this article is for you only. Today we are sharing with you a few Netflix keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac OS that are really going to improve your Netflix experience.


Netflix keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac OS

1. Toggle Play/Pause – Using Space bar/Enter key

When we watch anything on TV or mobile, Play/Pause buttons are mostly used buttons there. So, to play or pause your video, you just need to press Spacebar or Enter key. Press it once to play/pause, and again press it to play/pause. It is just like YouTube and VLC media player shortcut.

2. Volume Up/Down –  Using Up/Down arrow

Instead of going to the ‘Volume’ slider option in the player, you can use your Up (↑) and Down (↓) keys to increase and decrease the volume respectively. It is also same as VLC media player shortcut buttons.

3. Rewind / Fast Forward – Using Left/Right Arrow 

If you want to rewind or forward your video, you can use Left (←) / Right (→) Arrow to Rewind and Fast Foward (10 seconds) the movie scene.

4.  Mute Volume –  Using M key

The mute option is also a mandatory button on media players. So, if you want to mute a video, just press M and it will be muted.

5. Skip Intro –  Using S key

It is an interesting shortcut feature on Netflix. If you do not want to watch the Intro of the movie, then you can skip it by pressing S. This is not available on any other media player.

6. Full Screen – Using F key

As we can watch movies on the full screen in VLC player by pressing F key. In the same way, you can maximize the screen of your video on NetFlix by using F key. To go exit from Full Screen, press F key again.

7.  Exit full-screen – Using Esc key

If you are watching a video in full screen and wants to exit full-screen mode then press Esc to exit.

In full-screen mode:

8. Toggle by Frame –  Using Space+Ctrl

If you want to get the slow-motion angle of the movie to analyze a scene properly then you can press/hold Space + Ctrl keys.

The following Ctrl+Shift+Alt+* shortcuts (Ctrl+Shift+Option+* in Mac OS X) toggle information displays on/off when the player is NOT in full-screen mode. The displays will remain on, however, if the full-screen mode is activated.

9. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+M – Menu

This shortcut will show you menu available on the entire NetFlix screen at the same time.

10. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C – Codes

frame rate plus other info. Also makes the other overlays green.

11. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+D

Display A/V Stats on-screen.

12. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L

Logging window.

13. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+P

This shortcut will show your Player info. You will get all information about your player with these buttons.

14. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R

toggle color. Rotation for overlays in Chrome, probably a debugging feature.

15. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S

Current streaming bit-rate and manual bit-rate selection.

Final Words on Netflix Windows Shortcuts

So guys just try out these shortcuts the next time whenever you will watch anything on Netflix. These are really going to improve your user experience as well as helps to save a time as well. If you know anyone of the shortcuts that we have missed then please let us know.