What do you need to know before moving to Dubai with your family?

moving to Dubai with your family

Moving to Dubai is perhaps the friendliest to foreign nationals of all the seven emirates. It has everything for life, work, business, and leisure. The source https://emirates.estate/ shared information about what every foreign national who plans to move with his family to this progressive city needs to know.

Arguments to move to the emirate with family

The most important advantages are as follows:

  • Dubai and other emirates of the UAE offer a comfortable and safe lifestyle with many housing options, and everyone will find what is right for him. 
  • Although Arabic is the official language, but English is more popular in the country.
  • No income tax, therefore, you get 100% of the money you earn. 
  • Emirate’s infrastructure is on par with other major cities in the developed world with various public transport options.
  • A global hub of retail, entertainment, and nightlife.

Necessary documents

To move to Dubai, you will need the right visa and other documents. Before you decide to move to this emirate with your family, you should first sort out the documents. The best solution would be to apply for a work permit in Dubai. 

We offer you to get acquainted with these visa types: 

  • Work visa – this visa issued by your employer allows you to enter the country. Then you get a work permit.
  • Dependent visa – people whose spouses or parents are residents of the UAE capital can obtain this visa.
  • Student visa – created specifically for students who want to study at Dubai universities.
  • Investor visa – for expats investing in companies and real estate in the UAE.

As a rule, the employer or sponsor undertakes obligations to obtain a work permit and the process of applying for a visa for an employee. You will need to pass a medical examination, get certificates of education, take a personal photo and copies of your passport (it must be valid during at least six months).

Income requirements for foreigners

Foreign nationals with a minimum wage from AED 4,000 ($1,089, ¥7,000) to AED 8,000 ($2,178, ¥13,873) and a valid residence permit can also sponsor their families.

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