Must-Do Checklist Of The Quality Translation Website

Must-Do Checklist Of The Quality Translation Website
Must-Do Checklist Of The Quality Translation Website

As a translator, your website’s content has a significant effect on how people perceive your quality and credibility. Making sure your website is in good shape, by identifying outdated branding words, broken links, and irrelevant content helps your business. below in this article, we will cover the Must-Do Checklist Of The Quality Translation Website.

Visitors take 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about a website; therefore, you have to make sure your site can keep the attention of a visitor.

When people search for quality translators, there are usually multiple search results that come up; therefore, for your website to rank high on a search engine and for users to remain on your site, below are a few suggestions.

Display your Expertise

You need to be able to show people that your company is an expert in the translation industry. A lot of people will conduct business and pay premium fees if they believe you know what you are doing. This can be achieved in several ways.

Third-party validation is one way to showcase your expertise. This will include things like awards, positive reviews, customer testimonials, backlinks from reputable websites, client lists, positive news clippings, case studies, and so on. These all go a long way in making sure potential customers are impressed, thereby increasing the probability of conducting business with you.

If you want to attract work for other businesses, your list of clients is particularly significant. Companies want to see big-name customers, therefore, letting potential customers know who you have worked for helps your business.

Backlinks from other reputable sites in your industry or similar industries also boost the clientele record and your reputation. You will, therefore, have to network with other translation/localization agencies and reputable bloggers to increase the status of your website.

Easy to Navigate Website 

A clutch survey said that an easy to navigate website is one of the top features 94% of people value the most when visiting a website. Therefore, quality translators must have a website with an excellent user experience. People want to be able to achieve their aim of visiting a website quickly; therefore, your website must be designed with functionality and customer’s preferences in mind.

 Easy navigation features and intuitive user experience should be a top priority when designing a website. This is achieved by adding simple navigation menus and toolbars. Documents should also be easy to upload in various formats.

Your pages should load quickly because this eases navigation. High-resolution images detract from the effectiveness of your site, which invariably affects your SEO ranking and causes visitors and potential clients to leave your website. Therefore, when designing your website, make sure your pages load quickly.

Mobile Version Of Your Website Should be Designed Appropriately

If you want to have your business recommended to potential visitors, it should have a well designed mobile version. A survey says 57% of people will not recommend a company with a poorly designed mobile website. In fact, your mobile site should be better than the desktop website because a lot of people conduct business and translate content from their mobile devices.

Smartphones make up 63% of a retail website visit, which is more than that of the desktop; therefore, if you want to have a lot of customers, you need to make sure your mobile website is well designed.

Secure and Trustworthy

A quality website must always be secure. People want to be assured that when they open the page of a website, their devices will not be infected with any malware, virus, Trojan, worm, etc. A website owner should take seriously the responsibility of making sure the website is secure. They should also be able to assure visitors that the website is safe for monetary transactions to be carried out on the site.

A few other things to take note of include:

Visible contact information: A website having contact information makes it more trustworthy to visitors. A survey stated that 44% percent of website visitors would leave if they cannot find contact info.

 Your website should have a phone number, an email address, a social media account, a return policy, and a physical address if one is available. Having these things will make at least forty-four percent of your visions feel secure.

A trust seal: Since monetary transactions will be carried out on this website, 79 percent of visitors want to see a trust seal. This shows that your website partners with a security firm to keep it protected. It also reveals the last time your site had a malware scan and that the site has HTTPS security.

Other things to make sure are not on your translation website include suspicious pop-ups, phishing kits, malvertising, SEO spam, and search engine warnings.

Clearly Communicate Your Services And Offer Guidance

Make sure on your home page, the general services you offer are visible. The homepage of your site is like a storefront window of a shop, making it the most important page on your site. The page should contain links to other parts of your website.

A lot of websites do not clearly state the product or service a company offers; they divulge lots of unnecessary information, thinking they will stay ahead of the competition this way. However, you need to make sure the essential translation services you offer are visible.

Customers should also be able to get step-by-step information on how to order your services, the languages you translate to and from, and price. There should also be a FAQ section where site visitors can quickly scan and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Set Up A Feedback Mechanism

Your site should provide a feedback mechanism that will encourage customers to give feedback on the transition services you offered. This can be done by setting up feedback email links or forms for your customers. Offering incentives is also a way to get customers to leave feedback about your service.

Feedbacks helps your business to improve performance, motivates you and your employees to offer better services, and helps you listen to your customers. It also provides valuable information that can aid in making better decisions.

One of the fastest ways to improve the quality of your site and services is by continually searching for ways to grow, and feedback helps in achieving that aim. Useful feedback benefits both the customers and the business.

Taking cues from some high-quality translation websites like The Word Point helps get clues on how to properly design your website.


Your website plays a huge factor in how people perceive your company. A horrible website can tarnish the reputation of your business, thereby affecting revenue, while a good website can broaden your influence and reach.

Taking note of the above checklist will go a long way to increase the quality of your website. Your website plays a significant role in your business, so make it look good.


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