Monetize your Instagram Followers and Make Money on the Insta Fitness Niche

Monetize your Instagram Followers and Make Money on the Insta Fitness Niche

We live in a day and age in which people can earn money through various simple ways through the internet. There are a variety of social media platforms that one can turn to, to make a living. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These applications are not meant for just meeting new people, or staying in touch with them. They are the best ways to earn money. Instagram is the best of them all. With over 800 million users active per month, it is the perfect place for an online business to get started.  Make Money on the Insta Fitness Niche.

The thought of staying in shape sounds and also looks appealing to everyone. There are many pages on Instagram that are dedicated to fitness alone. These pages are followed by many people around the world, in hopes of becoming fit as well as healthy.  And the people who run them, make a grand living out of it. Check out Journal Review – Insta Fitness for various ways to make money with your Instagram handle.

How to start your own fitness page?

Starting your own fitness page isn’t as difficult as it looks. But there are a few things you should follow. This will not only make you well-known on Instagram, but it will also help you in earning a lot of money. They are

Finding out your niche

When it comes to making money through Instagram, it is important that you know what kind of content you want to post. Under the fitness category, there are many sub-categories that are interesting. In such cases, you need to pick one that you like the most, as well as something that you can keep consistency with. You need to post pictures or videos of whatever your niche is regularly, this way your followers can keep up with whatever you are doing. Since there are many people out there who create pages related to the same topic as yours. You need to make your page look as aesthetic and as attractive as possible, but it should always be related to the content that your page has been created for.  Make Money on the Insta Fitness Niche.

Using the proper hashtags

You need to use the correct hashtags for the content that you have created. This will help your page to grow with many followers. And this will lead to sponsors reaching out for you. The hashtags that you use should be related to the content that you post on your profile. You should also make use of the common hashtags that many people with a fitness page use. This is will help in increasing your followers, and your content will pop up under the hashtag that people are following.  The popular hashtags that you can use in your post are #TrainHard, #Healthylife, #Running, #Eathealthy, #HealthyRecipes, #GetHealthy, #WeightTraining, #Workout, #Fitness, #StayInShape, #Nutrition.  Make Money on the Insta Fitness Niche.

There are also specified hashtags that you can use such #legday, #neverskiplegday, #fitnessmotivation etc. You can also make your followers use these hashtags for their posts relating to yours, setting a trend. These are the well-known hashtags that many users followers, as well the fitness page owners use in their posts. One of the other ways that you can gain followers is by commenting and interacting with Instagrammers with similar pages as yours. This way you can set up your network and make friends with such people. It will help you in the longer run, especially if you are just starting out.  Make Money on the Insta Fitness Niche.

Attracting sponsors

If you have got the first two things down, then it is highly likely that your page will attract sponsors. Many of them will approach if the demographic that they are appealing to and the crowd that follows your profile are similar. You too can reach out to them, and ask them if they can sponsor you. Another way you can attract sponsors if you don’t have any is by commenting and tagging your dream sponsorer. You can also reply to the comments of your followers on who do you want to get sponsored by. And in such cases, there are three things that the sponsor will look for. And they are,

  •     If you have posts and content relating to their products.
  •     If their target audience is the same as your followers.
  •     If you have purchased and praised their products.

If you follow the above methods, then it is a sure guarantee that you will be able to make money through Instagram fitness. Article contributed by Hari babu from TechAriz!