MOD APK Games, Features, legality, precautions


MOD which means modification, in short, is the act of remodeling or transmuting certain changes in the features or quality of a game. MOD is mostly done by the outside players or fans who don’t concern themselves with the owner company of the game. They bring modifications in the original version of the game that mostly upgrades the gaming experience of the player, proving mod advantageous to the game.

However, even though the changes are altered in the original version, the software of the modded game is distributed separately. Mods are available from a small level change to a bigger level. These mod games are another important reason for the commercial success of the game in the market as the mods are added up to the preference and penchant of the players which makes the gamers more interested in the game.

Is it Legal? 

Now, this is something everyone would be interested in knowing, because playing mod APK games is cool but, it isn’t worth it if it invites unwanted troubles for you.

The legal status of the mod is still somewhere unsettled because of the copyright law. But modded games have been around for years now and have gained wide popularity which helps the company in the marketing and sales of the games.

Due to this reason, mod games are regarded legal in some cases like the real owner company of the game open invitation to individual developers or modders to bring modifications in the game. And they often add modded versions by the individuals to release fan-made extended games officially to garner sales.

However, sometimes it may be illegal as the process of modding a game requires the need of software to code the mods in the game, which can not be acquired easily because of EULA(end-user license agreement) that restricts the user to get the codes. But if the user violates EULA and gets into the codes to mod the game then the process can be regarded as illegal.

Mod games can be risky at times because of their legal status and can even harm your device if it’s downloaded from unknown sources. It would be unsafe for the device to download mod games from malware APKs as it involves the risk of hacking your device and getting access to your personal information stored in the device including the way in your social media accounts and passwords.

If this happens the user won’t be able to have a right to ask for compensation for the loss as the source of the cause is obscure and the original company cannot be held liable. Therefore to avoid any mishappening you should check carefully before permitting the APKs while installing mod games and download the mod apk games from trusted sites like Android 1, ACMarket, and Androidhackers.

Features of Mod games:

  • The reason that the mod games are more successful than the original ones is because of the features that it provides to the user over the original game. Mod games offer more satisfying qualities according to the user’s liking and convenience to enhance the gaming experience. Some features are:-
  • Most of the time mod games are free or less expensive for the users to play than the original games which cost more and charge heavily for services. Playing games is a passion for many people but there is only a handful of those who are willing to pay.
  • Mod games provide access to the unlimited resources, unlocked features, and premium content of the game. The users don’t need to spend their time and resources to unlock the new features and reach higher levels of the game. With mod APK games you get everything unlocked at the time of installing.
  • Mod games add unique features to the game’s environment making it more lively to play.
  • It may build on more functions, levels or stages in the game. Moreover, the additional characters, types of equipment, weapons which are available after a certain level or at the expense of some money in the case of the original game, are available free of cost. That too free of cost with mod APK versions of the games.
  • Mod games APK often improve the visual quality of the games.

If you too are thrilled to learn about the exciting features put on display by Mod APK games, then make sure you download Mod APK games of your choice.

As mod games can prove to be unsafe and can pose a security threat, take necessary precautions before downloading mod APK games:

  • Always download mod games from the popular, and trusted APKs. Ensure that the APK site that you use is reliable.
  • Make sure you go through the user reviews for that website to understand the experience of the past users who have downloaded mod APK games from that particular website.
  • Have an antivirus program in your device to detect the virus in case the APK is malware.
  • Check the source and genuineness of the APK files before downloading them.
  • You can also upload the APK file on VirusTotal to check the APK files for any ill issues before using it. Or use applications like NViso APKScan and Hash Droid to check the digital security of the mod games APK.
  • Always check the privacy policy and pay attention to giving various permissions to the APK while downloading it.