Mobile Pixels DUEX Max dual portable monitor Review 2022

Mobile Pixels DUEX Max

If you are someone who works on a computer all day, whether at home or office, you would know the importance of a dual-screen monitor for laptops. A few years ago the external monitors created a lot of buzz and became a popular accessory for a laptop or computer. But these days we have an alternative for that, the portable dual-screen monitors for laptops! These are lightweight portable dual-screen monitors that are plug and play; this means you can instantly connect these to your laptop using only one wire.

Ever since the portable dual-screen monitors were launched in the market, people were buying them for more flexibility and efficiency in their work environment. With the increase in demand, a lot of companies started manufacturing them as well. But only a few of them are ideal for your investment and use. 

Today we are discussing one such popular and one of the best portable dual screen monitor for laptops; Mobile Pixels DUEX Max. 

Mobile Pixels DUEX Max dual portable monitor:

This is one of the most updated portable dual-screen laptop accessories from the brand that makes multitasking efficient and effortless. It will be your companion with every task including work, entertainment, and more.

Here are some of the best features of this portable dual screen monitor for laptops that you should know about:

  1.  Size and Weight specifications – The dual-screen portable monitor measures 14.1 inches and features a Full HD screen that is 1080p resolution. It is also ultra-lightweight with just 1.7lbs of weight. The portable monitor is also one of the thinnest ones you can find with just 0.25″ thinnest point and 0.58 thickest point. 
  2.  Compatibility – DUEX MAX features impressive compatibility as it can be paired with any device or laptop, including Nintendo Switch. It is also compatible with most operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Android. It can be connected to the devices via USB-C or USB-A connection.
  3.  Comfort – It supports auto-rotation which helps you use it however you like in different modes such as landscape mode, portrait mode, presentation mode, eye care mode, or kickstand mode. This makes it ideal for any scenario. 
  4.  Eye Protection – Users will experience the optimal color temperature, brightness, and reduced blue light from the second display. This helps you to work for longer hours with maximum comfort and minimize eye fatigue. You can also find colorful gaming monitors which won’t give you a headache after hours of fun.
  5.  Plug and Play – Customers are in awe of its easy-to-use operation where they can just plug and play it without having to go through any complicated installation or procedure.


With all of its amazing features, all we can say is this is a feature-packed portable dual monitor that helps you be more productive and work with ease and comfort. You can find different models of these same portable dual-screen monitors and also choose a payment plan that you find most suitable for yourself.