How to Mitigate Risk on Your Garden Landscaping Projects

Garden Landscaping Projects
Garden Landscaping Projects

It’s a beautiful spring day with the sun shining and a cool breeze. You think it’s a perfect day for some gardening. But, about halfway through filling the flower bed, your lower back starts to ache in the most painful way!

Back pain is one of the most reported injuries in the United States. A recent survey found that about 65 million Americans reported having an episode of back pain in the recent past!

But, there are ways to help prevent injuries to you or landscapers during garden landscaping projects. Keep reading to learn our best tips and tricks to keep everyone safe and protected.

Hire a Skilled Garden Landscaping Company

When you’re planning on doing major landscape and/or home renovation, you’ll often want to bring in a skilled team of professionals. Those experienced landscapers know how to work fast in a safe way.

You may save a bunch of money with a company whose employees don’t have the training and experience as other companies. But, they often take much longer to get the job done and hurt themselves more often.

Make Sure Your Insurance Is up to Date

Any time you hire someone to come onto your property to do work, you’re putting yourself at risk. If you don’t have accident coverage in your homeowner’s insurance and the worker gets hurt, they can sue you!

If you’re planning to hire people to work on your landscaping, make sure you have good landscaping insurance. The landscaping company should also carry accident insurance.

Be Aware Of Any Chemicals

We use many chemical compounds in gardening these days. For instance, gardeners often use chemicals for pest control or to help plants grow bigger.

These chemicals can often make you very sick in lower doses than you think. Avoid contact with gardening chemicals through the mouth, by contact with the skin and eyes, or by being inhaled into the lungs.

Drink Lots of Water and Take Breaks

Heat exhaustion is a real danger when working outside in the garden. You’re lifting heaving things, bending, digging. Gardening in the heat of the day takes a lot out of you!

Keep a big jug of water for every person working to ensure everyone stays hydrated. Also, make sure to take a break and sit in the shade every now and then. Doing this also helps to mitigate risk.

Safety First To Keep Injuries Last

Your garden brings you hours of joy and peace all year round. Don’t let a landscaping injury mar that beauty!

By keeping safety at the forefront of your mind and that of any landscaper, you can mitigate the risk of serious injuries. Also, make sure you’re prepared for an injury if it does happen.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned about preventing garden landscaping injuries. For more helpful articles about lifestyles, finance, technology, and much more, check out the rest of our blog today!