Top 11 Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Cannabis

    Growing Cannabis
    Growing Cannabis

    Almost anyone can grow legal marijuana or growing cannabis. You can even grow in your backyard provided you have good quality cannabis seeds and understand how to take care of the soil, the proper germination methods, the correct watering process, lighting, humidity, and a few other issues.

    Cannabis can be grown quite easily. However, many people still make critical mistakes, especially first-time growers. This guide is for first-time growers to help them avoid making the 11 most mistakes while cultivating marihujana. The guide will also help intermediate growers identify and fix many issues.

    Mistake 1 – Not Using the Correct Seeds

    There are different types of marijuana seeds like sativa, indica, etc. which all have different characteristics. For instance, some strains grow better in the colder areas, while others need a sunny and hot environment. There are strains, which require a lot of nutrients, but the others will only need light feeding.

    So, even before you sow, make sure that you have the right seeds. Otherwise, you will start on the wrong foot. Also, get your seeds from a reliable source, such as Herbies Seeds so that you can be confident about their quality.

    Mistake 2 – Bad Germination

    The seeds will not grow into plants if there are any germination mistakes. There are many ways of germinating the seeds, but the best is to do it in the soil directly so you won’t have to transfer the sprouted seeds, which can damage them.

    • Provide a humid and dark environment. But it should not be wet.
    • The temperature should be between 22 and 25 C
    • Keep the humidity between 70-90%
    • The pH should be between 5.8 and 6.2
    • Don’t handle the cannabis seeds

    Mistake 3 – Not Using the Correct Soil

    Make sure that your soil is not contaminated with pests, fungi, and that there are adequate nutrients in it. Avoid using dirt from the garden and also reused or old soil. Such soil may already have contaminants. Like the seeds, you must also get high-quality soil from reliable sources. It is always best to use pre-fertilized soil because you will not have to add nutrients for many weeks. Add the nutrients only when you see the flowers beginning to bloom on your plants. Also, use soil that is airy and light.

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    Mistake 4 – Using Improper Pots

    Using incorrect pots is also a major mistake. To begin with, it should be of the right size. Pots that are too small will prevent the roots from growing, which will affect the growth of your plant. You may end up overwatering if the pot size is too large, which can damage the root.

    The pot you use should have good drainage. Avoid using plastic pots because they will often not have a hole at the bottom. So you will have to make the hole yourself. There should be at least five holes, each about a coin in size. But make sure that the soil does not fall through the holes.

    Mistake 5 – Incorrect Humidity

    The marijuana seeds are extremely sensitive. Improper moisture and humidity can cause severe damage. For best results, maintain a relative humidity of about 65 to 70%. The soil must also be moist. But it shouldn’t be wet.

    Excessive moisture can also damage your seedlings. If you overwater the seedlings or if the humidity is too high, then they can have the damping-off disease, which is a fungal infection. The seeds will become too weak may tip over. You cannot save the seedlings and must replace them.

    Mistake 6 – Overfeeding, Overwatering

    They are both common mistakes too. You can get away with the occasional underwatering because they can still recover from a dry condition, but never overwater your cannabis. The roots won’t get adequate oxygen when you overwater. This can cause fungal growth and can rot the roots. Make sure that the soil is dry when you water.

    Overfeeding may also cause mineral accumulation in your soil. You can feed to get back the pH only after flushing the soil with water.

    Mistake 7 – Ignoring the pH Level

    Always monitor the pH level because there is only a small window when marihujana can accept nutrients. You will have sick plants if the level is incorrect.

    • The soil pH level should be between 6 and 7
    • Hydroponics & soilless should be between 5.5 and 6.5

    Mistake 8 – Wrong Ventilation

    This is particularly important if you are growing cannabis indoors. A standing fan blowing wind mildly is enough if you are cultivating only a few plants. Of course, you will need to provide more breeze if you have a bigger operation. Your airflow should be constant.

    Air circulation isn’t usually an issue outdoors. However, you must still protect them from theft. Plant with other species to hide the crop.

    Mistake 9 – Heat-Stressing

    Heat stress or temperature rise may cause serious damage beyond repair. Don’t keep the light source very close to your plants if you are growing indoors. Move it further away. Common signs of damage include brown, wilted, and curled leaves.

    Of course, you don’t have this control outdoors. So if it is very sunny and hot in your place, then make sure to plant the marijuana seeds in a shady area. Or else, provide shade when the sun is directly overhead.

    Mistake 10 – Not Harvesting at the Right Time

    You cannot make the mistake of growing cannabis too late or early. Chop only when the buds have reached their peak potency. But they shouldn’t be hanging as well. Check the color of the trichomes, which look like small mushrooms.

    • Clear trichomes – too early
    • Most of them have turned cloudy or white – still early
    • They are mostly amber or reddish – too late

    Harvest when the trichomes appear cloudy white. Small portions should start to turn amber. This is the best time for harvesting.

    Mistake 11 – Inadequate Light

    The plants will die quickly without light. Light will create carbohydrates, which the plants need for energy. You must provide enough light. Your cannabis won’t flower if there is too much light. Yield and growth will suffer if it is too little.

    Indoor plants should get 18 hours of light and 6 hours of shade. You cannot change the lifecycle of outdoor plants. Plant the crops facing south so they get 8 sunlight hours at least every day.

    Avoid these common mistakes and you can easily grow cannabis. This is one of the easiest plants to grow for beginners.