How To Convert Facebook Profile to Facebook Page and Get 5000 Instant Facebook Likes

Today, HowToCrazy is here with a new trick by which you can easily migrate your Facebook profile to a Facebook page. Previously, you used to create a page on Facebook and then invite your friends to like the page but now we can easily convert Facebook Profile to Facebook Page without having the headache of creating a new page by following some very easy steps. It is necessary when you are using your profile to market your small business.


How To Convert Facebook Profile to Facebook Page

This method proves to be very advantageous as no longer you have need to individually invite your friends to like your Facebook page because now you are just converting your Facebook profile into the page. Moreover, when the conversion occurs, profile friends gets converted into page likes. So, you can follow the below steps to Convert Facebook Profile to Facebook Page:

Before proceeding to convert your Facebook profile to facebook page, please read following –

  • Your Facebook profile will be active and you can manage Profile and Page at the same time with the same account.
  • Few things may vary for different countries. So read Facebook T&C before get started.
  • Sometimes, Facebook doesn’t convert all your friends into likes, so we recommend you to try this method once.
  • You can delete your brand new page anytime. It will be deleted after 14 days if you delete any page.
  • We are not responsible if something goes wrong with your Facebook profile.

Steps to Convert Facebook Profile to Facebook Page 

1. Firstly, login to your profile which you want to migrate to a Facebook page.

2. Now, open Migrate Link –

3. On next screen, you will get few instructions. After reading everything, please click on ‘get started‘.


4. Next step depends on your Facebook profile. Please check your next screen and follow relevant action –

  • If you see all the categories in which you can change your page, select any of them according to your need.


  • On another hand, Facebook will automatically change your facebook profile to a Facebook page. See image – migrate-facebook-profile-to-facebook-page-trick

5. Read all things carefully about friends, likes and profile pictures. After that, click on ‘Confirm‘.

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6. Now, you will get few options to fill out your details about you or your business. Please fill all valid details like Name, Category, Address, Phone Number etc. After filling all details, click on ‘Next‘.migrate-facebook-profile-to-facebook-page-trick

7. On next screen, you will get a list of your Facebook friends, select all your friends and invite them to like your brand new Facebook Page. migrate-facebook-profile-to-facebook-page-trick

8. Now, you can set your profile picture and cover photo on your Facebook Page.  Select your professional photos and click on ‘finish‘.

9. Note that converting your Facebook profile into a page will lose all your Facebook data and your friends will get converted into your page likes.

10. That’s it, now you are done with your profile being converted into a page.

Now, once the process is finalized, have a look at your new page, depending on the type of page you created you will have tons of new information that you can create and update. Also, make sure that your page photo and the cover photo is accurately reflecting your brand for which you have followed up with this process of converting your Facebook profile to a Facebook page.

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Note: As all our Facebook Profile data will get deleted after migrating it into Facebook Page so if you want you can download your profile’s content before following up the process of conversion. And, one more thing you should do is to unfriend all the neglecting accounts from your profile before this conversion.


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