Hi guys today I am going write an article account rooting your android phone. So there are many advantages of routing your android, but most of the people root their android so that they can install custom ROM in their mobile to run ROM smoothly. And there are many uses of rooting like after you root you android you can uninstall the unneeded inbuilt apps from your android, there are many advantages of rooting.


Before root, I want to tell you that root process has advantages and disadvantages also. There are many advantages for root android mobile but if you fail in to root android mobile, you can loss your data and mobile software as well.

In this article, I will cover –

  • what is root?
  • What are the advantages of root?
  • What are the disadvantages of root?
  • How to root your android safely without using PC or laptop?
  • How To Check Android Mobile is Rooted or not?

What is root?

Rooting is a process of gaining root access to your phone. When the phone is un-Rooted there will be setting but u can only do what the manufacturer allows you to do.
After rooting you can completely gain access on your mobile and completely modify your software.

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Advantages of Root Android Mobile

  • Custom Rom

You can install custom ROM to your device after completing root process. Most of the people root their device for the same reason.

  • Run Special Application

There are some apps in play store which need root access to run the application. After rooting your phone you can run these apps easily

  • Uninstall the inbuilt

Uninstall inbuilt apps which you cannot uninstall when the phone is unrooted. You can free more internal space for your desired apps to run smoothly. You can remove/uninstall any internal application after root.

  • Hack apps

You can hack or patch apps to get their pro version easily.

Disadvantages of Rooted Android Mobile

  • Bricked

Your phone might get bricked or dead while the rooting process but there is less chances to get bricked.

  • Apps get root access

Some apps that need root access to ruin the application will get the root access and they may post ads on your home page and everywhere as they get the root access.

  • Void warranty

After rooting your phone your warranty will be voided. This is the main reasons why people don’t root their new phone.
How to root without PC

How To Root Android Mobile Phone without PC / Laptop

  • First of all download an app KingRoot by searching on Google or use best root apps.
  • Now for to settings/display/and switch your screen timeout to 30 min.
  • Open the app and start rooting
  • Once your phone will be rooted your phone will automatically reboot .
  • And Done…

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How To Check Android Mobile is Rooted or not

  • First of all, download an application from below links –
  • Install root checker app in your android mobile phone.
  • Open application and click on Verify Root.
  • Please wait for few seconds, until it gets all details about your android phone.
  • If your mobile is properly rooted, it will show you “Root Access is properly installed”, otherwise you have to root again.
  • That’s it!


Root Checker

Last words – If you are thinking about root android phone, just read above things and then decide what is better for you. if you have any query regarding root or android phone, just comment below. We will reply you as soon as possible.


  1. Im unable to root my samsung galaxy n900
    While i try with odin it gets stuck at 57% and phone gets overheat and shuts down
    Nothing works on my phone

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