Meet the Magical Mallorca

Meet the Magical Mallorca
Meet the Magical Mallorca

Three words; Sun, Sand, and Sea are enough to tempt anyone in the world, whether travel freaks or not. Europe has undoubtedly the best beaches in the world. One of the gems of European beaches is Mallorca. The heady combination of mountains and beaches gives a perfect sojourn to the wanderlust travelers. below in this article, we will cover the Meet the Magical Mallorca.

Reaching Mallorca

Often referred to as the Queen of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca can be reached either by flight or by boats. Located in the Mediterranean Sea off the Spanish Coast, Mallorca has an airport and ports. However, the airport is not served by major international carriers. One has to reach major European airports like Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Paris, etc. and then catch a flight to reach Mallorca.

Is it only beaches?

Well, the answer can be a bit tricky because beautiful beaches are the reason that most of the tourists are attracted to this wonderful island. However, this island has its fair share of other natural elements like mountains and caves that equally contribute to the sizzling beauty of this nice island.  The island is dotted with nice cities, resort towns, and historical artifacts apart from its beaches.

Since the main attraction is the beaches on this island, some of the famous and must-visit beaches are Magaluf, Es Trenc, Es Carbo, Cala Figuera, Son Serra De Marina, Cala San Vincente, Cala Murta, etc. White sand and clear water are the common adjectives of all these beaches. While it is quite difficult to easily bored with beaches, still if you are bored Mallorca would never cease to amaze you.

The secret weapon to enjoy Mallorca is the Mallorca Pass that would let you visit all the major attractions in the Palma de Mallorca (largest city) and other parts of the island as well. You just need to get the pass, board a hop-on-hop-off bus, and enjoy the ride. The icing on the cake is the special harbor boat trip that is included in the pass along with entries to the historical and heritage site of the island. These passes can be bought with different validity ranging from1-7 days.

The island of Mallorca is culturally rich and was frequently visited by writers like Aurore Dudevant known by his pen name of George Sand and musicians like Choppin. There is a special tour in Valldemossa dedicated to them. Summer is full of fun and frolic in Mallorca as there is a variety of free open-air concerts take place all over the island. The island also has some fine golf courses as well as hiking and rock-climbing trails for adventure buffs.

Basic Needs

Beauty is not enough to complete a great trip. Food and hospitality are what conclude a memorable trip. You can get some of the best hotels in Mallorca. Apart from the regular stays at hotels and villas, you can also rent our rural refurbished farmhouses for your family stays. Any words would fall short to describe delicious ranges of foods that are available all over the island. Only a physical visit would do the actual honors to the tasty food in Mallorca.