How to Master Instagram and Dominate Everybody’s Feeds

Master Instagram

The power of social media is undeniable. With over one billion users and armies of influencers, Instagram is no exception to this rule. Thousands of businesses big and small use the platform to market their services and engage with consumers.

There’s no secret: organizations need to master Instagram to keep themselves relevant. But if you want to launch an Instagram page, learning how to keep up with different trends, maintain an aesthetic, and gain followers can be hard. Plus, the notorious Instagram “algorithm” can make the task seem daunting.

Don’t worry. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to explode on Instagram!

Let us walk you through some great tips and ideas for dominating Instagram feeds.

Maintain an Aesthetic 

Instagram, at its core, is all about photos and videos. The ideal is simple: people like looking at aesthetic things.

This means that your overall master Instagram feed should look consistent and beautiful.

You might stick with a certain color scheme that matches the color scheme of your brand. You might use the same photography presets for each of your posts. You might use certain fonts for all text in photos.

In any case, you’re looking to maintain a slew of posts that look enticing and easy on the eyes. Doing this will make you seem more professional and legitimate, thereby attracting followers.

There are several tools you can use to create the best feed possible.

Canva is free online software that allows you to create posts and templates for a variety of other content mediums. The site also allows you to curate a color scheme that matches your brand or personal style. It has free graphics, allows for multiple users to collaborate on a single post, and is easy to use.

VSCO is another popular photo editing tool. Although it has several features that can only be accessed by paid users, it offers a plethora of presets for photographs as well as video editing. Several master instagram users utilize VSCO and paid users also have access to editorials and tips on beautifying their content.

Adobe tools are some of the most preferred when it comes to creating and editing content. Lightroom and Photoshop have been popular for several years, especially among content and photography professionals. While the Adobe suite can be tough to learn how to use, it has many apps that are invaluable and limitless in potential.

For ideas on different themes and schemes, you can check out Pinterest boards and observe what other influencers and brands have done.

Come Up With a Personal Brand and Motto

Coming up with a personal brand is essential when it comes to attracting followers. It also allows you to build trust with them.

What this might look like is coming up with a specific theme or message you want to convey. For example, if you hold a beauty or fashion focus, you might want to push for inclusivity and the concept of “inner beauty” to your followers.

Having a motto or theme will make you more memorable, too. Having a brand adds value to your posts. People subscribe to pages where they relate to a specific message. You want to carve a niche for yourself to attract customers who will relate to your brand identity.

Your bio, captions, and thematic choices should all revolve around the desired brand and motto. 

Create Great Captions

Captions are the way to begin building your personal brand and identity. Using succinct, brief sentences with calls to action are the best way to go about this.

Your captions should match the “voice” of your brand and be consistent with each post. This means if you want to maintain a playful voice, you can throw in emojis and jokes. You can also make Instagram posts with AI that will help choose really good captions for your posts.

Using hashtags will also make your account more relevant by attracting users who are focused on a type of content or notion. 

Be Consistent When Posting 

Posting at regular intervals is one of the best ways to keep consistent engagement with your follower base.

Most brands will use a content calendar to go about achieving this goal. You can create a simple one using an Excel spreadsheet or a Google Calendar, but there are also online platforms like Loomly and to manage long-term endeavors.

As aforementioned, make sure that your posting times are optimal. Your master Instagram account will garner more traffic during certain hours of the day, so post at these specific times so that as many people as possible can view and engage with your content.

Use Stories to Your Advantage

Leveraging Instagram stories to your advantage is one of the best ways to get ahead on Instagram. Stories are one of the most widely used features on the platform and they are often the first things most users will check when they open the app.

You can harness the power of Instagram stories in various ways. Instagram stories can be photos with quick, simple captions, or be long-form videos.

The app allows posters to add stickers, GIFS, text, and even music to stories. Anything that’s not easily shareable via your main feed or less relevant to your primary feed can go in them.

For example, you might take followers behind the scenes of a specific event that you’re curating. Or, you might do a quick review of a product. Stories can also be used for announcements and building anticipation for certain posts and events – they are truly versatile.

Another important thing to note is that stories allow you to track metrics just like with your main feed. You can stick with posting the types of stories that most resonate with your followers, so swipe up on your story posts to analyze what’s going on with your base when you can.

Make sure that your stories match the aesthetic of your primary Instagram page.

You can use the previously mentioned Canva to find templates and adjust their color schemes. Text should be visible against the background, and you want to make sure that the “point” of your story (or the main image/text) is easily visible. Stories shouldn’t be too distracting.

Highlights are another feature that were recently released on Instagram. Saving your stories to highlights, or “folders” visible to all your followers, will allow them to further engage with your content. You can categorize each story depending on its purpose to different highlight bins.

Using Canva, you can also create covers for these highlights.

Try Different Mediums Like Reels or IGTV

Reels and Instagram TV are a great way to diversify the content that you put out for your followers. Reels often show up on the “Discover” page of Instagram and are interactive via adding music, dances, and text.

There are usually specific trends for reels that you can follow along with and customize to market your specific brand.

For videos that are long-form and don’t fit on your normal feed, IGTV is a great way to engage with followers. Use quick transitions and music to make sure that these videos fit in with the rest of your posts. 

Use Instagram’s Promotions Feature

Wanting to advertise to a wider base? Try marketing your stories using Instagram promotions. For a limited fee, your chosen post will show up in the feeds of audiences that match your intended consumer base.

Your Instagram generally should increase traffic to your other sites or products. This means it is important to have a solid marketing strategy, and promotions can – and in many cases, should – be part of creating this.

Be Careful About What You Post

Being “canceled” is a legitimate fear for many Instagram users. “Cancellation” essentially means that people will boycott your content and avoid engaging in it. In short, it is like being ostracized on the Internet.

When you lose traction on social media, your irrelevance will spill over into other business ventures.

One reason for this is an extremely polarized political atmosphere. Global conflicts have caused controversy that inevitably spills over into the online world.

Keeping your brand clean, transparent, and ethical is the best way to avoid being canceled.

If you employ influencers to help you trend on social media, vet them to avoid associating with any wrong behaviors or standards. Pay attention to news headlines and be sure that each piece of content is carefully examined so as to not rub followers the wrong way.

Most important of all? Stay true to your own personal values. Real kindness and true fairness will keep your followers loyal.

Looking for More Information to Master Instagram? 

Learning how to start an instagram business account can be tough. There are a lot of different tidbits that go into making sure your account garners the traction that makes Instagram such an effective tool.

If you enjoyed learning about Instagram from this read, be sure to check out our Social page for more helpful hints on how to master Instagram.