How to make your real estate logo stand out?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about your real estate logo?

Houses, buildings, and roofs – no doubt about that. 

Well, there’s nothing wrong with being so in-your-face with a logo, however here’s the problem I see – generic logos have become increasingly mundane and common. 

real estate logo stand outReal estate

Real estate

Ugh! We’ve all just seen too much of these!

Now I know many of you would think:

Hey! “People come to us to buy a house, rent one, or for information about mortgage. Logos are far from significant here”

Sorry to burst that bubble my friend but creativity and uniqueness shouldn’t fall far from the Real Estate industry. After all, the need to be different stays consistent. 

So my home-selling pals, here’s the reality check. With numerous real estate companies emerging every other day, the need to stand out and be “spotted” has increased. Your clichéd home/building logo can no longer set a strong foundation for your brand. 

You need to move past the abstract buildings, houses, and anything that blends your real estate logo design with a thousand others. 

So what should your realtor logo look like? There isn’t really a direct answer here since eventually there are numerous factors to consider when getting a real estate logo designed. Nevertheless, you can keep a checklist like this one with you, in case you start driving down the wrong path. 

Simple construction

When you’re crafting your real estate logo, it’s better to keep things simple. Avoid using tall buildings or abstracts of construction sites or rooftops (as mentioned earlier).  Some of the most popular construction companies and real estate agencies have logos that are simple yet astoundingly creative and highly responsive to your marketing requirements. 

Real estate logo stand out
Real estate logo stand out

The logo above represents a US-based real estate company, Simon Property Group. 

Notice how they’ve cunningly used their “S” to create a logo that flaunts simplicity while having a uniqueness to it at the same time. 

Do you see any pictures of houses here? 

Look into the future

You don’t need a glass globe.

Just think ahead. If you’ve got big plans for your company (and I’m sure you do), your real estate logo shouldn’t be just a rental (if you know what I mean). You need to own a logo that can travel with you in times to come. A logo that wouldn’t need replacing for a long, long time. 

You need to rise above the level where you’re just looking at your logo on signage. Your real estate logo will be an identifier across social media, on your website, stationary, etc. Can’t flee from advertising now, can you?


Would you remember it as a lay person?

Your target is to make your logo find a place in every customer’s memory. 

Just down there are a few tips and tricks you can use, to make your real estate logo look interesting, memorable, and outstanding: 

1. Use your letters well

Sometimes you can miss great ideas even when they are right in front of you, trying their utmost to grasp your attention. If your real estate company has initials that you can get creative with, you’re sorted. Look at this real estate logo below:

Real estate logo stand out
Real estate logo stand out

You don’t see your usual roof-top logo here yet I am certain not one of you is confused as to what this logo represents? The name is self-explanatory so Mid-Atlantic Properties doesn’t need a real estate logo design that has a roof over its head or a building to stand tall.  


2. Your name can do wonders

What is the meaning behind your Real Estate agency’s name? Perhaps the name itself is enough to create a logo! Interesting names can have equally appealing logos – and they should.

name can do wonders

So, for instance, if you’ve got a name such as Nest Atlanta Real Estate, you just need to know where to extract a visual from. See this example below:

That creative angle you need though is one of the many reasons why a professional designer or agency can make your life so much easier. 

3. Build on your personality 

What’s your forte? Branding and logo – it’s a two-way road. Just as your branding often becomes highly dependent on your logo, it so happens that your logo can take some lessons from your brand strategy! 

So, are you marketing yourself as an agency that sells luxurious villas or do you have a specialty of mortgaging historical places/homes to hotel owners? Perhaps you tilt more towards affordability rather than extravagant living. 

Build on your personality

Whatever your brand’s vision and plan may be, they can be incorporated into your logo! 

I’m quite aware that there is a multitude of tools across the internet to create mortgage logos. I advise against that especially if you’re looking to build a brand with a firm foundation. 

Let the professionals construct your logo – a little investment earns you big rewards and a lifetime of relaxation. As a real estate company who would know that better than you?