5 Ways to make your Home Interior look Luxurious


Home Interior look Luxurious

If you’re currently on a mission to make your home interior look expensive and luxurious in a relatively inexpensive way, then you’ve come to the right place! 

This article shares some very valuable tips, complete with the appropriate tools for DIY to help you get the job done. 

1. Let’s tend to those window treatments

Ever noticed how full-length curtains can make a space feel more luxurious and bespoke? In fact, if you hang your curtain rod high, it will make your ceilings look higher and that’s definitely associated with a luxurious interior. 

Hang your curtain rods wide and high, and hang the curtains full length. By using wider curtain panels and a decent amount of fabric, you can achieve lots of folds, and that will make them look more “high class”. 

Short curtains should be avoided altogether and if you’re not willing to go with curtains, then go for some woven blinds or roman shades – but no plastic or metal blinds, please!

2. Add mouldings  

Adding a moulding to your home is a rather easy and affordable way to make it look expensive and ‘customised’. But before you get them, take the interior style of your home, as well as the items and furniture you have, into account. 

For example, an intricate and ornate moulding may look outstanding in an older build, it would not look ideal in a contemporary build. A clean and modern-looking moulding would work great in this case. If you can’t decide which style is best, go with a traditional style and ensure that the trim work blends into the room almost effortlessly. Plus, things get easier when you have the right tools for DIY to get things done.

3. Hang up a little artwork 

Ah yes – inexpensive artwork – a relatively inexpensive way to make your interiors look expensive and luxurious! You’d be amazed at the bargains you can find in garage sales and thrift stores. Go with a couple of big and bold pieces and hang them up around key parts of your house where they’ll grab the attention of visitors and guests. 

Old gold-framed portrait paintings or vibrant still-life paintings of fruits, for example, can really liven up your hall or dining room, giving it a luxurious vibe. 

4. Change up the lighting in your interiors

According to many interior design experts, adding a statement light fixture can not only create a focal point in your dining or living room, but it can also elevate your space, making it more inviting and ‘high end’. 

Even a simple drum or cylinder lamp shade would do which can be added to your existing lights. 

5. Add an accent table

Already got the tools for DIY to make your place look more enticing? Great! Why not add an accent table to upgrade your space in a rather practical and stylish way? 

Tiny spaces in your room can be filled up with a small accent table, adding a generous touch of elegance and luxury to your room.